Sony Honda Mobility plan to deliver first EVs in 2026

Pre-orders will begin in early 2025 with the vehicles available for purchase online in the US and Japan.


Sony Group and Honda first announced a joint venture called Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) back in June with plans to develop and ship electric vehicles. To do this, both companies are equally investing 5 billion yen ($35.05 million) into the project. In the latest update from SHM, a 2026 timeline to deliver its EVs has been revealed.

SHM’s electric vehicles will be available for purchase online in both the United States and Japan, with pre-orders opening up during the first half of 2025. In a press release from Sony Honda Mobility today, the following information on its EVs was shared:

Image from the Sony Honda Mobility press release showing leaders from both companies shaking hands on stage.
© Sony Honda Mobility

Additional details and specs provided by SHM for its EVs include plans to develop Level 3 automated drive capabilities “under limited conditions” (self-driving) and to enable Level 2+ driver assistance “in even more situations such as urban driving.”

Some of the hardware it plans to incorporate in its EVs include a high-performance system on a chip (SoC) with a total processing power exceeding 800 tera operations per second (TOPS). Additionally, the company aims to develop a new human-machine interface to help provide a “personalized in-care experience through cloud-service connectivity.”

SHM has yet to share what its electric vehicle might look like, and it’s yet to provide key information in regards to pricing, battery tech, and range. That said, the company has stated that its first model will feature a somewhat “high price range.” The vehicles will give SHM other ways to enjoy a steady stream of revenue as well given that the software system will reportedly boast optional cloud-based subscription-like services with monthly billing for things like entertainment.

Slide from Sony Honda Mobility's press release showing details about the EVs planned autonomy and augmentation.
© Sony Honda Mobility

For more on Sony Honda Mobility and its EVs, which are set to ship out in early 2026, be sure to read through today’s announcement from SHM. And for more electric vehicle news, check out some of our previous coverage including Ford recently hiking the entry-level price of its F-150 Lightning EV to $51,974, and Rivian reporting that it’s on track to meet its 2022 goals with production growing 67 percent in Q3.

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