Meta's Horizon Worlds is coming soon to PC & mobile

Meta's VR phenomenon is about to come to some non-VR devices.


Meta's Horizon Worlds has typically been thought of as a VR-based experience. However, it looks like the Facebook parent company is hopeful to expand beyond those borders. During Tuesday's Meta Connect 2022 presentation, it was announced that Horizon Worlds would soon be available to all users on PC and mobile devices.

Meta's Horizon Worlds will, obviously, lack some features from its VR counterpart. However, the non-VR version of the app will allow users to interact with the virtual world while also gathering with its various users. It will also improve on users' ability to share aspects of the app. Horizon Worlds will soon integrate a feature that allows its users to create Instagram Reels and share them with their friends.

Meta is working to improve Horizon Worlds to bring it on par with other social media apps. The Horizon Worlds toolkit, specifically, is looking to target a potential expansion beyond the VR borders. Meta will soon integrate the ability to use TypeScript in order to construct more dynamic worlds while also importing various tri-mesh items. Other programming languages and content creation tools, including Maya, Blender, and Adobe Substance 3D, will also be usable in Horizon Worlds in the future.

Virtual Mark Zuckerberg speaks in Horizon Worlds

Source: Meta

VR users should certainly not feel like they're being left behind or that the special elements of Horizon Worlds aren't being saved for them. Tuesday's Meta Connect also revealed new partnerships with various media partners, which an NBC Universal deal specifically bringing in new VR experiences for The Office, Blumhouse, Universal Monsters, and Halloween Horror Nights.

Horizon Worlds' new features are coming soon, as is its new web and mobile apps. We're catching up with everything from Meta Connect 2022, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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