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Find out how to best use Kiriko, the first new support hero for Overwatch 2.


Kiriko Kamori is the first new support hero to debut in Overwatch 2. Kiriko’s kit offers a blend of defensive and offensive capabilities, making her a great option for players looking for a support with more utility. She also has some decent movement built into her kit, granting her the mobility needed to be an effective support. This guide will go over Kiriko’s abilities as well as strategies for using Kiriko to keep allies healthy while in the thick of battle. 

Kiriko is available through the first ever Season One Battle Pass for Overwatch 2. Players can unlock Kiriko at Tier 55 of the free Battle Pass or gain access to her instantly by upgrading to the premium Battle Pass. Those who own the original Overwatch will also receive Kiriko through the Founder’s Pack.

Kiriko abilities

Kiriko's ability screen in Overwatch 2

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  • Healing Ofuda – Kiriko’s primary weapon allows her to send healing talisman cards toward nearby allies. Kiriko can fire up to ten healing talismans at a time before needing to reload. The cards travel quite slow, but they are capable of homing in on allies, making them easier to land.
  • Kunai – Kiriko’s secondary weapon is a throwable projectile that deals increased critical damage upon hitting enemies. The Kunai comes in handy when attempting to finish off low-health opponents, provided you’re good at landing headshots.
  • Swift Step – Kiriko’s first ability allows her to teleport directly to an ally within range. This ability also works through walls. Swift Step is great for closing the gap and reaching teammates that need healing.
  • Protection Suzu – This ability allows Kiriko to toss a protective charm at her teammates, cleansing them of negative status effects and granting brief invulnerability. With the right timing, this ability can make for some clutch saves.
  • Kitsune Rush (Ultimate) – For her ultimate, Kiriko summons a fox spirit that dashes forward and provides a movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown buff to all allies following in its trail. Kitsune Rush is best used for initiating engagements and when rushing in as a team.
  • Wall Climb (Passive) – This passive ability allows Kiriko to scale up walls, giving her enhanced mobility and another way to reach teammates perched up high.

Kiriko strategies & tips

Kiriko rushing in Overwatch 2

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Kiriko has great mobility and can easily reach her allies to support them with heals and buffs. While her Kunai allows her to hold her own in battle, it is best for Kiriko to maintain a safe distance from enemies and to stick close to teammates who can benefit from her abilities.

  • Although they can track allies from a good distance, Kiriko’s Healing Ofuda cards travel slowly and need time to replenish. Keep in mind the time it takes to heal with this ability and try to anticipate when your allies will need healing so you can fire off the talismans pre-emptively.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your Protection Suzu. Since it is an area of effect ability, you will want to use it when your teammates are grouped up to maximize its benefits, such as when you’re defending an objective.
  • Kiriko can use the Protection Suzu on herself by throwing it at her feet. With the right timing, you can pull off some clutch saves for you and your allies.
  • Swift Step allows Kiriko to stay in the fight while remaining close enough to teammates to keep them healthy. It also offers a quick way to escape. Keep this ability at the ready and find a teammate in the distance so you can quickly teleport out of a sticky situation.
  • While Swift Step can get you out of hot water in a pinch, it can also put you in danger. Be careful when teleporting to an injured ally, especially through walls where your vision is hindered. You may end up teleporting yourself to your own demise.
  • Use Kitsune Rush offensively. When you unleash your ultimate, your allies should take it as a cue to attack, using the path of the fox to quickly push forward and rush an objective.
  • Don’t underestimate the Kunai. It deals enhanced critical damage, meaning it is possible for Kiriko to also be as lethal as a DPS hero in the right player’s hands. Players with a knack for landing headshots will want to use the Kunai often.

Now that you have an idea of how to use Kiriko in Overwatch 2, you can be well on your way to mastering this versatile support hero. Check out our Overwatch 2 page for more gameplay tips and information.

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