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A list of all the weapons, their subs and specials in Splatoon 3 as well as their level unlocks and Sheldon ticket cost.


There are a whole lot of weapons, sub weapons, and specials to use in Splatoon 3. For those players that are working through the Turf War multiplayer, unlocking new weapons can take some time. While you can always test out new weapons in-game, it can help to see everything at a glance, which is what the tables below are for.

All weapons, subs, and specials

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Splatoon 3 has a few dozen weapons for players to unlock. Each weapon will have a sub and a special. The trick is to find a weapon you like that also has a sub and special you enjoy! After you level up, swing by the Ammo Knights store to purchase a new weapon, just make sure you’ve got the Sheldon Tickets.

Once you reach a weapon's unlock leve, it will cost you one Sheldon Ticket to unlock it. If you want to buy a weapon before you reached it's unlock level (like the Level 19 Bloblobber), you can do so but it will cost you three Sheldon Tickets.

All weapons, subs, and specials
Weapon Sub Special Points for Special Level Unlock
Splattershot Jr. Splat Bomb Big Bubbler 180 0
Splattershot Suction Bomb Trizooka 200 2
Splat Roller Curling Bomb Big Bubbler 180 2
Splat Charger Splat Bomb Ink Vac 200 2
Blaster Autobomb Big Bubbler 180 3
Slosher Splat Bomb Triple Inkstrike 200 3
Splat Dualies Suction Bomb Crab Tank 200 3
Octobrush Suction Bomb Zipcaster 200 4
Heavy Splatling Sprinkler Wave Breaker 200 4
Tri-Stringer Toxic Mist Killer Wail 5.1 200 4
Aerospray MG Fizzy Bomb Reefslider 200 5
Splat Brella Sprinkler Triple Inkstrike 200 5
Splatana Wiper Torpedo Ultra Stamp 180 5
N-Zap '85 Suction Bomb Tacticooler 200 6
Carbon Roller Autobomb Zipcaster 180 6
Rapid Blaster Ink Mine Triple Inkstrike 200 7
Inkbrush Splat Bomb Killer Wail 5.1 180 7
Classic Squiffer Point Sensor Big Bubbler 190 8
Dualie Squelchers Splat Bomb Wave Breaker 200 8
Sploosh-o-matic Curling Bomb Ultra Stamp 180 9
Splattershot Pro Angle Shooter Crab Tank 200 9
Splatterscope Splat Bomb Ink Vac 200 10
Tri-Slosher Toxic Mist Inkjet 190 10
Reef-Lux 450 Curling Bomb Tenta Missiles 200 10
.52 Gal Splash Wall Killer Wail 5.1 200 11
Range Blaster Suction Bomb Wave Breaker 200 11
Dynamo Roller Sprinkler Tacticooler 190 12
Mini Splatling Burst Bomb Ultra Stamp 180 12
Luna Blaster Splat Bomb Zipcaster 180 13
L-3 Nozzlenose Curling Bomb Crab Tank 200 13
Sloshing Machine Fizzy Bomb Booyah Bomb 200 14
Dapple Dualies Squid Beakon Tacticooler 180 14
Jet Squelcher Angle Shooter Ink Vac 200 15
Splatana Stamper Burst Bomb Zipcaster 200 15
Splash-o-matic Burst Bomb Crab Tank 200 16
Tenta Brella Squid Beakon Ink Vac 190 16
.96 Gal Sprinkler Ink Vac 200 17
Dark Tetra Dualies Autobomb Reefslider 200 17
E-liter 4K Ink Mine Wave Breaker 200 18
Undercover Brella Ink Mine Reefslider 180 18
Squeezer Splash Wall Trizooka 200 19
Bloblobber Sprinkler Ink Storm 190 19
Flingza Roller Ink Mine Tenta Missiles 200 20
Hydra Splatling Autobomb Booyah Bomb 190 20
Glooga Dualies Splash Wall Booyah Bomb 180 21
Clash Blaster Splat Bomb Trizooka 180 22
Bamboozler 14 Mk I Autobomb Killer Wail 5.1 200 23
H-3 Nozzlenose Point Sensor Tacticooler 200 24
Goo Tuber Torpedo Tenta Missiles 200 25
Rapid Blaster Pro Toxic Mist Ink Vac 180 26
E-liter 4K Scope Ink Mine Wave Breaker 200 27
Nautilus 47 Point Sensor Ink Storm 190 28
Explosher Point Sensor Ink Storm 200 29
Ballpoint Splatling Fizzy Bomb Inkjet 200 30


Each weapon will have a sub that can be used provided you have enough ink in your tank.

Subs Description
Angle Shooter A sub weapon that fires straight forward and leaves a line in its path. Opponents that are hit directly will take damage, and those that touch the remaining line will be marked. When a shot hits a solid surface, it will bounce off of it and continue in a straight line.
Autobomb A bomb that automatically seeks out opponents. It will search for opponents in the area that you throw it, and if it finds one, it will automatically start walking toward them. When it approaches an opponent, it stops and explodes.
Burst Bomb A bomb that explodes when it touches something. It's a small, weak explosion, but it doesn't consume much ink, so you can throw on after another.
Curling Bomb A bomb that moves in a straight line, inking the ground before it explodes. It also bounces off walls! You can adjust the length of time until detonation by holding down R.
Fizzy Bomb A bomb loaded with special carbonated ink. Hold R to build power, then unleash up to three explosions. Shake the controller, move the Stick, or mash buttons to build power faster.
Ink Mine A trap that you place on the ground. When an opponent gets close, it activates, marking that opponent. It'll also activate if inked by an opponent. You can place two at once.
Point Sensor A device that marks opponents nearby where it's thrown. It reveals the opponents' location to your teammates.
Splash Wall A device that erects a wall of ink in front of you that blocks enemy intrusion and attacks. Attack from enemies will speed up the time it takes for the wall to come down. You can only place one at a time.
Splat Bomb A bomb that explodes a short time after it lands. It inks the area around it when it explodes and can even take out opponents.
Sprinkler A device that attaches to the ground or walls and sprays ink. It operates at full power right when you place it but gradually gets weaker. You can only place one at a time.
Squid Beakon A device that emits a signal that Inklings and Octolings can detect. You can Super Jump to a teammate's Squid Beakon by selecting it and pressing A. You can place up to three at a time. They're usually single use, but allies who don't have the jump beacon equipped can use them twice.
Suction Bomb A bomb that attaches to the ground and walls. It takes longer to explode than the Splat Bombs and spreads ink farther.
Torpedo A sub weapon that flies toward your enemies. When thrown near an enemy, it changes shape and targets the foe, exploding on impact and splatting ink everywhere. You can shoot down enemy torpedoes.
Toxic Mist A bottle that sprays the fluid of a certain create in mist form. Opponents caught in the mist move slower and their ink is slightly reduced. The longer an enemy is in the mist, the stronger the effect becomes.


Along with the sub, each weapon has a special that charges as you paint the ground and walls. Each special will have a different charge rate depending on the gun it is paired with.

Specials Description
Big Bubbler Deploy this device at your feet to shield yourself with a large, spherical barrier. This bubble will block outside ink attacks, but it can't prevent opponents themselves from entering. Damage to the top section or the inner device will cause the barrier to pop more quickly.
Booyah Bomb Funnel power into an explosive ink ball, and launch it at the enemy. By sending and receiving "Booyahs" from your team, you can build power more quickly. Teammates who send Booyahs will be rewarded by having their special guage filled a little.
Crab Tank Leave your foes in a pinch with this scuttling tank's superior inkpower. Press ZR for rapid-fire shots - R will fire your cannon. Its back is vulnerable to enemy attacks, but you can shift into mobile mode with ZL to protect yourself.
Ink Storm Throw this device to generate a rain cloud of ink. The cloud gradually moves away from where the device was thrown.
Ink Vac Make your ink shots more powerful by sucking up enemy attacks! Hold ZR to generate a vortex that sucks up enemy ink attacks. Once the tank is full, or after the timer runs out, let go of ZR, and you'll launch a souped-up super ink shot!
Inkjet This launches you into the air by spraying out ink, allowing you to attack oppnents with the attached launcher. You can fly higher temporarily by pressing B.
Killer Wail 5.1 Unleashes six speaker-shapded, laser-emitting devices to surround and devastate your enemies. Lock onto an opponent, and the emitters will track and blast them where they go! You can continue to use your main weapon and sub weapon while the Killer Wail 5.1 is firing.
Reefslider Hop onto a shark-shaped, ink-propelled float, and charge forward. When you reach the end of the path, or if you press ZR, the float will explode and deal damage.
Tacticooler Deploys a fridge stocked with drinks that enhance some of your abilities for a brief time. There are four drinks, but you can only have one - the rest are for sharing! You'll lose the enhancement if you're splatted while the drink is in effect, but you'll respawn right away.
Tenta Missiles Press ZR to fire missiles at any enemies within your targeting reticle. Locking on to several enemies will change the number of missiles that hit each target.
Triple Inkstrike Throw and deploy a guidance device with R to cause a tornado-generating ink strike to land on that spot from above. You can deploy up to three guidance devices to activate three separate ink tornadoes.
Trizooka Press ZR to launch three blasts of spirling ink in a single shot. You can fire it up to three times.
Ultra Stamp Attack with an enormous hammer. Press and hold ZR to advance while striking with the hammer. If you press and release R, you'll throw the hammer far into the distance to attack and the special will end.
Wave Breaker Deploys a device that generates sonic waves to drive hidden opponents out into the open. Waves expand along the ground, marking and dealing damage to any opponents they touch. To avoid damage, simply jump over each wave.
Zipcaster Transform into an ink-cloaked acrobat, and sling your stretchy arm to zip around the battlefield! Use R to aim and stick to walls. You can still use your main weapon like normal with ZR. When your ink runs out, your transformation will end, and you'll Super Jump back to your starting location.

As you level up in multiplayer, you’ll gain access to new weapons that you can buy from Ammo Knights for Sheldon Tickets. Spend some time looking over the weapons, subs, and specials and work out which pre-made works best for you. Check out our Splatoon 3 page for more help with the latest entry in the series.

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