Volkswagen leads expect chip shortage to continue through 2023

The German automotive maker has invested heavily to shore up its supply in 2023, but still believes there will be difficulties throughout next year.


The ongoing semiconductor shortage has continued to be a blight on various sectors of technology for years now, and while many tech companies hold out hope or aim to secure their supplies for the foreseeable future, German automobile maker Volkswagen has a more dismal outlook on the matter. While the company has invested as much as it can into supplies for the short term, leads have expressed that not only will the chip shortage not end in 2022, but it will continue throughout 2023.

Volkswagen head of procurement Murat Aksel shared these sentiments in correspondence with German publication Automobilwoche, as shared by Reuters. In said conversation, Aksel shared that Volkswagen is preparing for what it has described as the “new normal,” which includes shoring up its chip supply as much as it can. However, with current global economic issues continuing to pressure supply, such as the Russia/Ukraine war and China’s threat against Taiwan, Aksel claims there’s only so much that can be done at the moment.

“Investments for new capacity are now on track, but there will probably still be a structural shortfall in semiconductors up to and including 2023,” Aksel said. “It's a structural issue that can't be solved so quickly.”

Volkswagen's brand emblem on the front bumper of a vehicle.
Volkswagen has invested in attempting to stave off chip shortages in the short run, but expected supply issues to continue well into 2023.
Source: Volkswagen

While chips continue to be an issue that Aksel believes will threaten 2023 supplies and product delivery, it’s not entirely hopeless, but it’s not about to get any easier either.

“With the new geopolitical issues, if anything, it's going to get even more complex and challenging,” Aksel added.

Murat Aksel’s beliefs have been echoed elsewhere throughout various tech industries. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger previously shared that he believes the shortage would last at least until 2023. Meanwhile, groups like NVIDIA and TSMC have warned that the shortage could push well into the new year. Elon Musk opined in late 2021 that the shortage may end if new semiconductor factories began production, but many (even those benefitting from the CHIPs Act of 2022) are mostly only on track to open new factories and facilities as early as 2024 and 2025. With that in mind, it remains to be seen just how far the chip shortage will go. However, it seems we’re at least on track to remain in a supply slump in the opening months of 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and news on this topic right here at Shacknews.

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