Unboxing & Review: Wizarding World of Harry Potter potion bottles

Take a look at some of the incredible Harry Potter creations you can find on Etsy.


Fans of the Harry Potter franchise are always looking for ways to bring the magical world into the real world. While there are always toys and other figurines to purchase from big brand manufacturers, some of the best knick-knacks and doodads can come from people within the community. In this Unboxing & Review, we take a look at some Harry Potter potion bottles created by some designers that sell their wares on Etsy. Take a look at the video below!

The first package that Greg Burke, the Shacknews Head of Video Production, unboxes is one from Gloom Royal. Within this package are four unique potions, a candle, as well as some other gifts. The potions include Giggle Water, Sleeping Draught, Draught of the Living Death, and a Wolfsbane Potion. All of these have a very distinct look whether it’s a corked bottle, a crystal ball stopper, misty white essence inside or some other resin-based filler. These would all look magical displayed on a shelf or a mantelpiece.

Dark Moonlight Design is the creator of the second batch of potions. Burke showcases the Gillyweed, Mermaid Tears, and Felix Felicis potions, all of which contain some sort of liquid that sparkles and shimmers.

For those that want to expand their Harry Potter wares, there are plenty of interesting and unique creations to find on Etsy. While you’re out there making purchases, swing by the Shacknews YouTube channel for more unboxing videos and the GamerHubTV YouTube channel for exclusive developer interviews.

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