Street Fighter 6 Kimberly moves list & gameplay

Street Fighter 6's newest ninja has some explosive moves and style for days.


Street Fighter 6 has been slowly trickling out its upcoming roster. And among that roster is a number of new faces to the Street Fighter scene. One interesting new character of note is the flashy and deadly Kimberly. I was lucky enough to get a little hands-on time with a PS5 build and give this new character a spin to get a vibe for what she’s all about.

Kimberly’s has a ninja style of combat similar to that of Guy’s with a lot of fast kicks and the ability to throw a firecracker on the ground and set up an easy air juggle combo. She also has a teleport ability as well as an ultimate that has her tagging up her opponents with a myriad of spray paint cans.

Kimberly is also sporting some great style with her Naruto-orange shirt and an old school walkman cassette player.

You can check out Kimberly in action as well as her full moves list set in the embedded videos. We’ve got a ton of Street Fighter 6 gameplay footage for you all to check out right now including hands-on gameplay and moves lists for the newly revealed Ken and Guile as well as Juri. Although we couldn’t tell you which one has the best hair.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more characters are added to the Street Fighter 6 roster.

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