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Street Fighter 6's Guile is a mix of new and old school

Guile is back for Street Fighter 6. Is he still an okay sonic boomer? We got some early hands-on time with everyone's favorite family man to find out.


Guile has been a mainstay in the Street Fighter franchise ever since Street Fighter 2. Not only is he a fan favorite, but his theme song goes with anything. So how could we have a Street Fighter 6 without him? Still, fans are curious about how he’s going to handle in the upcoming sequel after he got a bit of an overhaul with Street Fighter 5. I recently had the opportunity to get a little hands-on with a PS5 build of Street Fighter 6 to find out for myself how he’ll handle in Street Fighter 6.

While my time was brief, and I’m not the world’s greatest fighter, I am still pretty familiar with Guile. He was the first character I ever played as way, way back in the day where arcades were commonplace and dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Guile has for the most part always been a character with special moves that focused on back-forward and down-up charging moves. However, there were some tweaks made to his moves for Street Fighter 5 in an attempt to modernize him a little bit. But with SF6 it seems like the team is giving him a good balance of classic and modern skills that should help players find a balance they like when playing him.

Of course his signature “Sonic Boom” and “Flash Kick” are still intact, but his “Sonic Blade” and “Sonic Cross” moves appear to be back as well. You can check out his full moves list as well as some gameplay in the embedded videos as well as the newest iteration of his Top Gun-esque level.

Will you be playing as Guile when Street Fighter 6 launches?

Let us know if you plan to harness the power of the Sonic Boom in the Chatty comments below!

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