Deathloop comes to Xbox Game Pass next week alongside Goldenloop update

Deathloop is making the jump to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass next week just in time for a substantial new update.


It's been about a year since Deathloop released on PlayStation and that means that it's finally Xbox's turn to get a crack at Bethesda's acclaimed shooter. On Thursday, the publisher announced that the game would come to Xbox Series X|S and join the Xbox Game Pass lineup in just five days. On top fo that, there's a new update that's on the way.

Deathloop's new Goldenloop update not only welcomes the game to Xbox, but it will also introduce cross-platform play across the board. If you want to ruin somebody's day by stopping their potential run, users on PC (that's Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store), Xbox, and PlayStation will now be able to jump into PvP matchmaking and play with one another. Xbox users will also be able to carry their save across the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Store versions of the game.

Bethesda is also promising a few new ways to experience Deathloop. Look for Colt to gain a new Fugue ability that disorients enemies, a new HALPS Prototype energy rifle, a new Paint-Bomber enemy type, and even some new upgrades for Julianna's Masquerade ability. On top of that, look for a new extended ending to further incentivize making one more playthrough.

We're always excited to see more Deathloop here at Shacknews. Arkane Lyon's conquered all else last year to become the Shacknews 2021 Game of the Year thanks to its creativity, characters, and fun gameplay loop. Look for the Xbox Series X|S to receive Deathloop on the same day that every platform gets the Goldenloop update, which is next Tuesday, September 20. For more on what's coming, check out the Bethesda website.

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