Deathverse: Let It Die preview and release date: Next level battle royale

We were treated to a preview of Deathverse during which we learned the game's release date, and some of the off-the-wall features that players can look forward to.


If you’ve been looking forward to Deathverse: Let It Die or are simply curious about the game, there’s good news in that you won’t have to wait too much longer for it to release as it was recently revealed that the game will launch later this month on September 28 for PS4 and PS5, and October 5 for PC.

In addition to a release date, a number of other juicy details were shown during a press preview that further demonstrate how Deathverse is equal parts PvP and PvP (PvPvE), and the ways in which the game isn’t your typical battle royale. It’s very much its own thing.

While I already knew about the deadly Hunters that feel reminiscent of Let It Die’s Jackals, and whom you’ll mostly want to avoid in Deathverse (unless you’re feeling particularly confident, or foolish), and knew about 16-player melee-focused matches, I knew less about the Cryptids roaming the battle arena. That’s right, there are Cryptids.

Screenshot from Deathverse showing one of the game's Hunters dressed in a suit.
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Cryptids add another layer of PvE to Deathverse, and are something you’ll certainly want to keep an eye out for as you’re slashing away at foes. For example, I saw a player get absolutely bodied by what appeared to be a yeti out of nowhere during the Deathverse preview and it not only delighted me, it made me laugh, as did the confirmation that you’ll be able to pick out your own custom “Stagger Pose” death animation.

Other customization options that caught my attention during the Deathverse preview include a set of winged armor that gave me instant “Winged Hussar” vibes (if you know me, you’ll know why that’s a standout for me), along with a companion bot named Wilson that you can customize as well. Wilson does more than float around and look cute, it’s there to help you in battle by creating shields, generating traps, and more.

Screenshot from Deathverse preview showing a glimpse at a set of winged armor.
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Deathverse has a multitude of weapons on offer that can be crafted, leveled up, and improved. Weapons come paired with abilities as well (Main Skills, Deathblows, Mastery Bonuses), so you aren’t just slicing and dicing. Some of the weapons shown during the preview include a Steel Katana with a Deathblow called Tempest Blade, a Buzzsaw Slicer with a Surf Maneuver type Deathblow, and a set of Arms called Iron Fist with an Atomic Thunder Attack Deathblow.

The Buzzsaw Slicer in particular feels very “Let It Die” in nature, almost like a more evolved “next level” version of the Buzzsaw. This makes sense given that while Deathverse isn’t Let It Die 2, they are set in the same world with Deathverse taking place hundreds of years in the future after the events of Let It Die.

While Deathverse has a battle royale flair to it, there are a multitude of factors that go into each match outside of killing every enemy in sight and being the last player standing. Given that Deathverse is centered around a dystopian TV show in the Let It Die universe called Death Jamboree — kind of in the vein of the Stephen King story The Running Man as well — the focus isn’t just on beating your opponents but putting on a good show while you do it.

Deathverse screenshot showing the Death Jamboree TV show and one of its hosts.
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Deathverse’s map design places a greater emphasis on verticality, which is something I saw a bit of in some of Let It Die’s various levels while ascending the Tower of Barbs, but not to the elaborate extent as seen in Deathverse. Holding the high ground is a valid strategy here as you can drop things on unsuspecting opponents, or jump down and ambush them out of nowhere. Whatever you prefer.

Like Let It Die, Deathverse will be free-to-play with optional in-game currency including the return of Death Metal and Kill Coins. Deathverse will also feature Seasons with Season 1 rolling out in October. Players will be able to earn Season XP through things like Daily Challenges and Season Challenges.

Screenshot from Deathverse preview showing different weapons and weapon abilities.
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Season 1 will feature three different Hunters including Hunters Q, M, and G, along with six weapon categories (Machete, Katana, Buzzsaw, Hammer, Arms, Twin Knives) with five weapon types for each category. For Let It Die fans, Season 1 will give you the chance to acquire Let It Die-themed cosmetics as well.

In the future, Deathverse players can look forward to things like limited-time events such as Duo Death Match in Spring/Summer 2023, and the addition of a new Hunter. With all that being said, the best way to get a feel for Deathverse: Let It Die is simply by jumping in and giving it a try, and you’ll be able to do just that very, very soon. Again, the game will be free-to-play and is set to be released on September 28 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and on October 5 for PC.

For more on Deathverse, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage as well including our interview with director Shin Hideyuki on why the game isn’t Let It Die 2, and our interview with composer Akira Yamaoka on his approach to the Deathverse soundtrack.

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