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Splatoon 3 maintenance and server status

Online play is a major part of the Splatoon 3 experience, so visit this guide for the latest updates on the game's server status and maintenance schedule.


Splatoon 3 is out in store and that means fans can dive into its variety of different multiplayer modes. Whether they're playing Turf Wars or cooperating on a Salmon Run, players will likely want to know the current state of the game's servers, as well as be aware of the game's maintenance schedule. Let's check out the Splatoon 3 server status and check if there’s any planned maintenance.

Splatoon 3 maintenance and server status

Splashing ink with a Splatana Wiper in Splatoon 3

Source: Nintendo

The primary way to check the Splatoon 3 server status is to visit the official Nintendo of America Support website. Specifically, the Network Status page will offer an indicator on whether servers are operating normally or whether they're down for any reason. This page will also outline any planned future maintenance.

If servers are down or under maintenance, you won't be able to login to Splatoon 3. If there are any maintenance updates, Nintendo will outline them on the NOA Support page or the Nintendo of America Twitter page. Follow this account, as well as Splatoon North America, for frequent updates from the developers themselves. You can even sign up for notifications so that you’re pinged as soon as a tweet goes live.

That’s how you can check the maintenance and server status for Splatoon 3. Keep in mind that if servers are up and you still can't connect online, you might need to double check that you have the latest system update installed. For more on what you need to know about Splatoon 3, be sure to blast on over to Shacknews.

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