Wide World of Electronic Sports: Episode 149

Strap in tight, there's plenty of Esports to discuss on today's WWES!


Good evening, you wonderful Shackers! We’re back with another installment of The Wide World of Electronic Sports. Join hosts Denny Von Doom and myself as we guide you through the greatness that is episode 149. 

At the top of the hour we’ll be jumping into MultiVersus and their recent news regarding their ever-expanding DLC roster. On September 8th 2022, they released Gizmo as a playable fighter as a part of their recent DLC package. While the community is still respectfully clamoring for the addition of Rick Sanchez, all eyes have been on Gizmo. but more specifically the patch notes attached to them. It certainly goes without saying that Tony Huynh has made it his duty to be as transparent as possible about the game’s developmental process and these patch notes are of no exception. In an attempt to keep the game as balanced as possible patch notes 1.02 will bring us an entire overhaul of hitboxes and hurtboxes to each fighter. You’ll have to tune in to get our exact thoughts on this patch.

Shortly after this we’ll be moving into the Super Smash Bros major event, Riptide 2022, located in Sandusky Ohio. The waterpark themed event returns for its second installment and certainly delivers on all fronts. Despite missing many of the usual PGR suspects, Ultimate was still able to garner 776 entrants further reinfocing the narrative that there are more active Ultimate players at major events. Melee on the other hand brought us the exact opposite., bringing in significantly less entrants but far better viewership. This is mainly because of the heavy hitters such as HungryBox, JMook, Zain, Plup, Axe and many others in attendance. 

Last but certainly not least, 343 Industries founder and head Bonnie Ross announced that she is stepping down from the company. In her statement she explains that she initially planned to stay with 343 up until the release of the game’s Winter Update, but due to a family emergency she must step away immediately. If you know anything about WWES, then you know we’ve been very vocal about the developmental process for this current installment of Halo. You'll have to tune in to get our exact thoughts on this topic.

To wrap up the entire program we have everyone's favorite bite-sized news, Sauce Talk. Burger King has plans on putting themselves back into the forefront of the neverending fast food battle. The company is looking to spend around 400 million dollars to revitalize their marketing and branding. Be sure to stick around to the very end to catch our closing thoughts on this new endeavor for Burger King. 

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Rodney is the current co-host of Wide World of Electronic Sports as well as an interviewer and journalist.

His fiery passion for all things gaming was initially sparked by his father –who at the time worked the electronics section at Walmart– purchased him and his younger siblings Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color.

As a natural performer you can find the majority of Rodney's work in gaming in front of the camera in esports. He's worked in commentary, interviewing, and hosting positions for various companies such as AT&T, Red Bull, Amazon Prime Video, CEO Gaming, and NXNE! When Rodney isn't doing something gaming related you can find him writing theatre music, hosting sneaker conventions, and much more!

Rodney can be reached at rodneyconyersjr@shacknews.com and on Twitter @rodneyconyersjr.

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