GameStop (GME) Head of Blockchain Matt Finestone leaves company

Finestone will continue to work within the Ethereum ecosystem on more of a protocol and infrastructure level.


On Twitter, Matt Finestone shared the news that he’s stepping away from his role as head of blockchain at GameStop (GME). In Finestone’s statement which was also posted to LinkedIn, he mentions that the past year and a half has been among the most meaningful of his life, and thanks the GameStop blockchain team for making the experience “exceptional.” Finestone also thanked GameStop as an organization, and the GameStop community.

Matthew Finestone's statement post on LinkedIn where he talks about leaving GameStop as head of blockchain.
© Matthew Finestone | LinkedIn

Finestone may be moving away from being head of blockchain at GameStop, but he shares in his statement that he plans to continue “working within the Ethereum ecosystem” while returning to more of a protocol and infrastructure level of involvement.

It’ll be interesting to see who fills the role as head of blockchain following Finestone’s departure, and what Finestone will do next as he moves on to new projects. In the meantime, we wish Finestone the best in all of his future endeavors.

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