Tron: Identity revealed for 2023 at D23 Expo

The man behind John Wick Hex and Thomas Was Alone is now focusing on Tron.


Friday's Disney & Marvel Games Showcase from this year's D23 Expo began with a first reveal of a new Tron game. Tron Identity is coming from Mike Bithell, the man behind games like Thomas Was Alone, The Solitaire Conspiracy, and John Wick Hex.

Tron: Identity dialogue demonstration

Source: Steam

Tron: Identity is being described as a visual novel that takes place on an entirely new Grid. This new Grid has been abandoned by its creator, leaving its denizens to fend for themselves. This has resulted in a horrendous crime being committed, leaving new lead character and detective program Query to investigate. Players will have to question suspects, piece together evidence, and operate under the rules of the Grid. The eventual goal is to uncover the truth, but the player's actions will ultimately determine how the story plays out and will lead to potentially different outcomes.

The most interesting takeaway from this story is, if nothing else, folks from within Disney Games are trying to keep the world of Tron alive, even if the rest of Disney isn't. The last Tron game to release was 2016's TRON RUN/R, but Disney hasn't moved forward with Tron in other pop culture circles. The most recent Tron movie news came when the House of Mouse axed production of Tron 3.

Tron: Identity is coming to PC and consoles in 2023 with a Steam listing already up and running. We'll have more details on this game as they come in, so keep it on Shacknews for any updates.

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