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Why Temtem came to Nintendo Switch, the home of Pokemon

What made Temtem developer Crema want to bring its Pokemon-like to Switch, where Pikachu and company rule?


From the beginning, the team at Crema had a vision for creature-collecting RPG Temtem. They wanted to create a Pokemon-style game for those who couldn't play Pokemon. That meant branching the concept out beyond Nintendo platforms. Earlier this week, Temtem finally came out of early access, but that also meant a release on Nintendo Switch, where the Pokemon franchise is king. For Crema, the reasoning wasn't so much to compete directly against Pokemon, but to coexist alongside it.

Here's what Temtem Game Director Guillermo Andrades had to say on the subject in an exclusive interview earlier this week:

While Temtem can be a very hardcore experience, it is also a very chill game that is very much enjoyable in the comfort of your bed or sofa. Even from the very beginning of the development cycle, when talking about Temtem internally, a huge part of the team was excited to be able to play it on the Switch.

We believe that Temtem and Pokemon should get to coexist peacefully and each have their own space and identity, so it was only natural for us to understand that if players were comfortable playing Pokemon on the Switch, we could offer them that same possibility for Temtem.

Multiple players from across different platforms gather in a town in Temtem

Source: Crema

Andrades also noted that Temtem was designed with the Switch's specs in mind, which led to a smoother development experience overall. Of course, the Switch does have a few limitations when compared to Temtem's more powerful platforms. For example, the Switch version will only run at 30 frames per second. Even with those limitations in place, Temtem looks to be the same experience, one that allows for crossplay between the Switch and those aforementioned platforms.

Temtem is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to follow the Temtem topic page as we endeavor to keep up with what's next for Crema's RPG.

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