Wide World of Electronic Sports: Episode 147

Your weekly dosage of Esports is here!


Good afternoon, Shackers! We're back with your weekly dosage of The Wide World of Electronic Sports. Join hosts Denny Von Doom and myself as we guide you through the greatness that is episode 147.

To kick things off  we'll be covering, you guessed it, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Melee. This past weekend the community was met with the two super major events that happen to fall on the exact same dates. If you follow our work here on the Wide World of Electronic Sports then you know that overalpping of dates comes as no surprise.

However despite these strong events running at the same time both brought us two very different viewing experiences. The New England Super Major, Shine 2022 brought us Melee heavy hitters such as HungryBox, Mang0, Zain, JMook, and many other competing for the first place finish.

Zain was able to to clutch it out vs Jmook in Grand Finals not dropping a set. Over in Ultimate there were a few notably missing players such as MKLeo, Sparg0, Gluttony but that didn't stop the event from firing on all cylinders. BeastCoast Gaming's very own Cosmos found himself in Grand Finals facing off against Moist Esports's Light where he ultimateoly defeated him 3-1. 

Wanted 4 took place in France and served as a Platinum Tier stop on the Smash World Tour. Some of North America's bright and shining talent were in attendace such as Riddles, Fatality, and BassMage. Thr breakout performance however came from ZackRay who has been notoriously missing from a handful of events this past year. It goes without saying that ZackRay is still to compete with some of the best in the world and he did just that vs Tsu is Grand Finals.

Shortly after this we'll be diving into MultiVersus. The game has not be shy about wanting to add fan favorite characters from every generation of Warner Bros owned content. Morty joined the battle 8/23 and the community has mixed reactions. Of course all his moves draw directly from the Rick and Morty franchise, but there has been a bit of discourse towards his competitive viability. Some commmunity members believe hes another middle of the pack character while others believe given the right player-character combination he could be one of the best in the game. You'll have to tune in to get our thoughts on Morty!

To round things out this we'll be diving into Adriana Chechik's recent ban from Twitch Rivals' Fortnite no build tournament. For those who don't know, Adriana is an Adult film star who has taken an interest into gaming. If you follow the overall landscape of Esports then this should come as no surprise to you as we've had other stars transition into the gaming and content creation space such as Mia Khalifa, and Mia Malkova. Epic Games issued a ban towards her just an hour before the event due to her history in the Adult fillm industry. In addition to this Twitch has also banned her from their platform due to her attire on stream.

What good is an episode of Wide World of Electronic Sports without everyone's favorite bite sized news, Sauce Talk? Oscar Meyer has been one of the leading hot dog brands from quite some time, but their recent creation is sure to leave some in llimbo. Introducing the "Cold Dog" a hot dog flavored popsicle. You can find this item at select Popbar location throughout the United States for $2.00 while suplies last. 

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Rodney is the current co-host of Wide World of Electronic Sports as well as an interviewer and journalist.

His fiery passion for all things gaming was initially sparked by his father –who at the time worked the electronics section at Walmart– purchased him and his younger siblings Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color.

As a natural performer you can find the majority of Rodney's work in gaming in front of the camera in esports. He's worked in commentary, interviewing, and hosting positions for various companies such as AT&T, Red Bull, Amazon Prime Video, CEO Gaming, and NXNE! When Rodney isn't doing something gaming related you can find him writing theatre music, hosting sneaker conventions, and much more!

Rodney can be reached at rodneyconyersjr@shacknews.com and on Twitter @rodneyconyersjr.

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