Railgrade brings sci-fi railway management in September 2022

Minakata Dynamics showed off a new look at its off-world colony train management sim, and it came with a release date.

Even on a long enough timeline where humankind goes on to settle new worlds, there will need to be a way to transport resources and supplies across large distances. That’s the inevitability Minakata Dynamics set out to address in its sci-fi railway management sim, Railgrade. We got a recent new look at this game and it came with a release date. Railgrade is set to come out in late September 2022 on select platforms.

Minakata Dynamics announced the release date for Railgrade in partnership with Epic Games via a new gameplay video released on August 25, 2022. Perhaps the most important detail in the video is that Railgrade will be launching on September 29, 2022, on Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Set on an alien world, players take on the role of an administrator of a planet and must craft the necessary network to transport goods throughout a colony. The network players build will be intricate and the trains themselves will need to be upgraded as you go to get the most efficiency out of your railway network.

 In Railgrade, players will take on a lengthy campaign that allows them to either invest in the colonies and grow the cities from broken and useless squalor up to competent and well-working utopias, or you can take the profits back to corporate overlords that will in-turn invest in you. It culminates in a campaign that spans around 30 hours and features around 50 main missions, not including optional side missions that will be available along the way. Will you seek to build the infrastructure to access oil resources deep in the desert or assist in the development of a rocket program? That’s up to you.

An intricate system of railroad tracks networking throughout an industrial complex on a snowy hill in the video game Railgrade.
Railgrade will start you off simple, but it won't be long before you know how to build dizzying railway networks for your alien world colonies.
Source: Epic Games Publishing.

Railgrade impressed us when we had a chance to get hands-on with an early build in 2021. With its 1.0 launch coming in September on PC and Nintendo Switch, this is one that the business management fans will want to keep an eye out for.

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