Morty move list, perks, skins, & Mastery Level rewards - MultiVersus

It's time for Morty to show you what he's got in his MultiVersus debut!

Morty has arrived in the MultiVersus roster, bringing a large array of Rick and Morty-themed attacks and abilities with him. Whether you’re walloping foes with Hammer Morty or Armothy, or messing with the space-time continuum to both hit enemies and heal yourself and allies, Morty has a lot of interesting moves and perks to utilize. Want to see everything he can do? We have you covered in this handy character guide detailing his moves, perks, skins, emotes, and Mastery Level reward path.

Morty move list, perks, skins, & Mastery Level rewards - MultiVersus

You can see everything going on with Morty in the video above, but we’ve also got all of it listed here. Let’s start with what Morty costs to unlock.

How to unlock Morty with Gold and Gleamium

Morty's skins in MultiVersus
Morty's character page and skins in MultiVersus.
Source:  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Morty and his skins cost the following amounts to unlock with MultiVersus’ in-game currencies:

  • 3,000 Gold
  • 700 Gleamium
  • 1 Character Unlock Ticket
  • President Morty Uncommon Skin: 500 Gleamium

Morty’s move list

Morty calls a rock spire out of the ground against Shaggy in MultiVersus.
Morty's Power of Earth! Ground Side Special in MultiVersus.
Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Next up is Morty’s regular Attacks and Specials. Check out the full breakdown of all of them below.


  • Sci-Fi Explosive Technology: Morty stores Grenades which can be given to Allies who he passes through or used in some of his attacks. Grenades will detonate after being thrown and can be detonated by some attacks. Teammates that take an idle Grenade will get Gray health and be able to throw it with any attack in the direction they’re facing.


  • Aw Geez, Snakes! (Neutral Attack): If Morty has thrown a Grenade, he then shoots a laser projectile. It will cause the Grenade to explode on contact. If no active grenade is present, he’ll instead fire a projectile forward that, at a certain distance, splits into two snakes traveling up and down before going on cooldown, during which Morty can use a whip attack that yanks affected enemies towards him. The air variant is the same.
  • Unresolved Anger Issues (Ground Side Attack): Morty uses Armothy to flex his arm up for a two hit advancing combo before summoning Hammer Morty for a final swing that will launch enemies.
  • Barbarian Instinct (Air Side Attack): Morty swings two axes that can be charged for bigger damage on hit.
  • Aw Geez, More Snakes! (Ground Up Attack): Morty fires a similar snake projectile upward that splits and goes left and right at a certain distance. He can’t combo into the whip from this move.
  • Power of Fire! (Air Up Attack): Morty uses an elemental fire ring to hit enemies upward and set them on fire.
  • Plumbus Time! (Ground Down Attack): Morty pulls out a Plumbus and begins rubbing it along the ground, damaging and weakening enemies that come in contact and cleansing allies of status effects. The Plumbus Time! attack can be extended as long as the attack button is held and Morty can move left and right along the ground while the attack is active.
  • Armothy Assault (Air Down Attack): Morty swings his flexed Armothy arm downwards to pound enemies.


  • It’s a Grenade, I Think (Neutral Special): Morty lobs a Grenade forward that will explode after a short time or after being detonated by his Neutral Attack. Morty can throw the Grenade further by holding the Special button and throw multiple Grenades before it goes on cooldown. The Grenade can also be knocked around by Morty’s other attacks and by those of allies and enemies. The air variant is the same.
  • Power of Earth! (Ground Side Special): Morty summons a spire of earth that strikes and applies Weakened to enemies on impact. If it strikes a Grenade, it will split it into two Grenades. Power of Earth!’s range can also be extended by holding the button and watching the indicator of where the spire will appear.
  • Another Portal? (Air Side Special): Morty summons a portal and jumps through it, coming out of a second portal. The second portal remains persistent and will increase the speed of friendly projectiles that pass through it. Morty can also adjust where he reappears by holding the Special button. This move has a cooldown, but only on the second portal.
  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Special): Morty summons Rick’s spaceship, which floats upwards and off the screen. Any characters carried up to the top by it will be KO’d. This move has a long cooldown. The air variant is the same.
  • Temporal Back-Up (Down Special): Upon activation, Morty creates a save point for himself. After some time passes, Morty will warp to the save point and heal slightly. Activating the ability before the automatic return will leave a Grenade at where Morty warps from, as well as doing damage to foes when he appears at the save point. If Morty’s ally is about to be KO’d when the save point is active, they will instead be warped to wherever Morty is. This move has a cooldown. The air variant is the same.

Morty’s Perks

Morty's Signature Perks page in MultiVersus
Morty's Signature Perks page in MultiVersus.
Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The list below includes all of Morty’s equippable Perks he can earn through Mastery Level progression:

  • Armor Crush (General Offense Perk): Your team’s fully charged attacks will break throw Armor status. With a teammate stacking this Perk, you can break Armor at 75 percent charge.
  • Back to Back (General Defense Perk): Your team receives 6 percent less damage from all sources when close to an ally. With a teammate stacking this Perk, the damage reduction is increased to 12 percent.
  • Fancy Footwork (General Utility Perk): Your team’s dodges gain 5 percent more distance in the movement. With a teammate stacking this perk, the bonus distance is increased to 10 percent.
  • I’m More Than Just A Hammer (Signature Perk): For the hit that Morty summons Hammer Morty in Unresolved Anger Issues (Ground Side Attack), Morty will spin multiple times with Hammer Morty.
  • Oh That’s Still A Grenade (Signature Perk): Morty’s Grenades will have a larger explosion radius based on how long they cook before they explode. Allies with a Grenade always get max explosion radius.
  • Deadshot (General Offense Perk): Your team’s projectiles will do 5 percent more damage. With a teammate stacking this Perk, the projectile damage bonus increases to 10 percent.
  • Extra Fleeb Juice (Signature Perk): Morty’s Plumbus Time! (Ground Down Attack) produces sparkles and can clear away enemy ground hazards such as fire and ice on contact.
  • Coffeezilla (General Utility Perk): This Perk reduces your team’s cooldown durations by 10 percent. With a teammate stacking this Perk, the cooldown reduction bonus increases to 15 percent.

Morty’s Mastery Level rewards

Morty's Mastery Level bar and rewards in MultiVersus.
Morty's Mastery Level bar and rewards in MultiVersus.
Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Like any character in MultiVersus, by playing Morty frequently, you can unlock rewards to spruce him up, make him stronger, or just show off how good you are with him. Here are Morty’s Mastery Level rewards:

  • Mastery Level 1: You bought the character and start here.
  • Mastery Level 2: Armor Crush Perk
  • Mastery Level 3: 5 Toasts
  • Mastery Level 4: Back to Back Perk
  • Mastery Level 5: 100 Gold
  • Mastery Level 6: Equip Ally Perks (You can equip perks your teammate has available on their character)
  • Mastery Level 7: Fancy Footwork Perk
  • Mastery Level 8: I’m More Than Just A Hammer Perk
  • Mastery Level 9: Perk Training (You can train to unlock any perk in the game)
  • Mastery Level 10: Oh That’s Still A Grenade Perk
  • Mastery Level 11: Deadshot Perk
  • Mastery Level 12: Extra Fleeb Juice Perk
  • Mastery Level 13: Coffeezilla Perk
  • Mastery Level 14: Evil Morty Profile Icon
  • Mastery Level 15: Morty Win Count Badge

And that will cover all things with Morty. This character looks to have a versatile projectile game with his Grenades and can save allies in a pinch. Be sure to check out the rest of our MultiVersus coverage for all of your needs in the game.

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