Wyrdsong is a new RPG from industry veterans Something Wicked Games

The studio behind Wyrdsong is comprised of veterans from the Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age franchises.

Something Wicked Games

Tuesday's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation continued with the tease of a new RPG from the industry veterans at Something Wicked Games. There isn't a lot to go on based on the brief teaser, but the next title from this studio is called Wyrdsong.

Before going into what we know about Wyrdsong itself, here's what we know about creator Something Wicked Games. This is the studio founded by Jeff Gardiner, who had previously spent 15 years with Bethesda Game Studios and most recently worked on Fallout 76; and Charles Staples, who departed Obsidian Entertainment after his own 15-year tenure and is fresh off work on The Outer Worlds. The new developer received $13.2 million USD from NetEase as a startup fund, where the money went into Wyrdsong, as well as hiring game industry talents to help with its development.

As for what Wyrdsong is, it's described as an occult historical fantasy RPG set in a fictionalized version of Portugal in the Middle Ages, one that's built on Unreal Engine 5. While there isn't much more detail than that, Something Wicked is aiming for the game to "redefine aspects of what makes up the current Role Playing Game genre." What exactly that will mean remains to be seen, but with talents who have worked on Bethesda and Obsidian Fallout titles on board, it looks like player choice will play a major component in the story.

Wyrdsong is coming soon, but not that soon. That's because the team is only comprised of 12 developers, which Something Wicked hopes to increase to 65-70. In fact, there aren't even platforms listed yet, which should offer an idea of how long this development cycle could potentially go. For more, be sure to check out the Something Wicked Games website.

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