Evil Dead: The Game is adding Plaguebringer & Mia Allen next month

The star of the 2013 Evil Dead movie and a new Demon class are among the things coming to Evil Dead: The Game in September.


Evil Dead: The Game is far from finished with its planned updates. The folks at Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have a few ideas lined up for the game's big September update, including a new Demon class and a new Survivor.

Mia Allen is coming to Evil Dead: The Game in September

Source: @EvilDeadTheGame on Twitter

The reveals came through the Evil Dead Twitter account throughout the course of the week. The first reveal came on Tuesday with the announcement that Mia Allen would join the rank of the Survivors. That was followed by a fresh reveal earlier today that the Plaguebringer would be added as a new Demon class.

There are almost no details about the Plaguebringer or what it will bring to the table for Evil Dead: The Game, so expect to learn more about it in the weeks ahead. The Plaguebringer will join the Warlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer as the game's playable Demon classes.

Mia Allen, on the other hand, has a bit of a backstory with her. She first appeared in the 2013 Evil Dead movie as the main character, portrayed by actress Jane Levy. In fact, she's one of the first characters from the 2013 Evil Dead to be part of this game. Fun fact: Director Fede Alvarez revealed in a 2020 interview with Bloody Disgusting that he originally wanted Mia to team with Ash Williams, but it was ultimately nixed by creator Sam Raimi, who was about to go back to Ash for his newer Evil Dead series. That means that, yes, Evil Dead: The Game will mark the first chance to experience that Ash/Mia team-up.

More information on Evil Dead: The Game's big September additions is expected soon, so keep an eye on Shacknews for the latest updates. In the meantime, check out our review of the game from earlier this year. Also, if you want a blast from the past, check out our interview with Alvarez and Levy above, which took place all the way back in 2013.

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      The game has a great aesthetic but the gameplay is pretty meh

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