Fallout NCR Desert Ranger Helmet Bundle unboxing & review

We unbox a fantastic bundle featuring the iconic helmet of the NCR Rangers from Fallout: New Vegas.


Fallout: New Vegas was a resplendent Fallout game. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, it thoughtfully upgraded nearly everything in Fallout 3, featured a great story, and ended up as one of the most memorable and beloved games of the franchise. A part of that was the mystique of the legendary NCR Desert Rangers. The elite of the elite, these soldiers were recognizable by their duster coats and masked helmet. Fans can own that helmet in a special Fallout NCR Desert Ranger Helmet Bundle from Bethesda and recently, we had the pleasure of unboxing a set and checking out all of its contents.

The Fallout NCR Desert Ranger Helmet Bundle has been available sporadically and directly from Bethesda itself. It features a number of goodies, including a full-scale wearable NCR Ranger helmet and mask featuring LED light-up effects, a helmet stand to display the collectible, an NCR metal belt buckle with the New California Republic flag logo on it, and a “More Ferocious than a Deathclaw” Window Sticker. The stand must be properly assembled for the helmet to be mounted on it.

During our unboxing, Greg notes that some of the features of the helmet are one solid piece, which unfortunately includes the respirator section of the mask, making it feel a bit more simplistic and cheap than expected. Nonetheless, Greg compliments the paint job of the helmet, pointing out that the rust accents on the top of it are a nice touch. The light-up effects in the eye lenses once the batteries were in is also a nice touch. It is unknown if the bundle will go on sale again because it was limited in supply, but if it does, it retails at $150 USD, plus shipping and handling.

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