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Unboxing the World of Warcraft: Unshackled Escape Room Box

Enjoy a closer look at this fun World of Warcraft-themed escape room game.


Are you looking for a new way to enjoy World of Warcraft, or are someone who enjoys escape rooms? If yes to either, you’ll definitely want to check out the new World of Warcraft: Unshackled - An Escape Room Box experience.

In the game, you play as either the Horde or the Alliance, and are tasked with overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles, with 60 minutes being given to you to “stop the spread of Professor Putricide’s plague of undeath, dodge devilsaurs in Un’Goro Crater, and restore order to Karazhan before the tower collapses.”

Box cover art for World of Warcraft: Unshackled - An Escape Room Box.
© Blizzard

On the store page on Blizzard’s website, the World of Warcraft: Unshackled - An Escape Room Box is described as follows:

To give you an even better idea as to what you can expect from this fun World of Warcraft escape room game, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke recently sat down to do a full unboxing.

In the video, you get to see everything that comes in the box including a Scenario Book and Rule Book, as well as cards and tools used to play the game. There are other fun items that tie into the escape room puzzle-solving theme as well like potion recipes and info about dinosaurs.

For an even closer look, check out the full unboxing video on the Shacknews YouTube channel. While you’re there, hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already to catch even more unboxing videos like this one, and also be sure to subscribe to GamerHubTV!

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