TwitchCon San Diego 2022 will have indoor COVID measures following backlash

Masks are now required in indoor spaces along with proof of vaccination or negative COVID test.


Earlier this month, it was revealed that TwitchCon San Diego, set to be held in-person at the San Diego Convention Center later this October, would not have any COVID-19 measures in place of any kind. That included things like not mandating masks, and not requiring proof of vaccination.

However, after receiving a wealth of backlash for this, TwitchCon has since amended its guidelines to include COVID measures. Now, attendees will be required to wear masks in indoor spaces (but not outdoor spaces like Kappa Cabana and the TwitchCon Party). Attendees will also be required to show proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of attending the show.

Image shows the full statement from TwitchCon from the TwitchCon San Diego 2022 website.
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The statement from TwitchCon goes on to suggest that some may be disappointed by the news and notes that refunds will be offered for tickets purchased before August 12 until August 19.

Additional information regarding the safety of TwitchCon can be found in the amended guidelines on TwitchCon’s FAQ page, which include mention of having hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue.

Shows an event at a past TwitchCon event with a full crowd looking towards a stage with purple and blue colors from lights shown throughout the image.
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All in all, it’s good that TwitchCon is taking the backlash and feedback into consideration and are changing their guidelines as a result. Especially seeing as how COVID is still very much a thing. Of course, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on TwitchCon updating its guidelines to include COVID measures. Do you think what TwitchCon has in place is enough, or could they be doing more? Let us know in Chatty!

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