Space for Sale is a new management sim from Little Big Workshop devs

The team behind 2019's Little Big Workshop is about to blast off into space for its THQ Nordic debut.


Capitalism doesn't appear to solely be an Earth concept. During Friday's THQ Nordic Showcase, the team at Mirage Game Studios showed off its next game. It's a city-builder set in a desolate corner of the universe called Space for Sale.

Space for Sale puts players in the role of a nameless astronaut in the empty reaches of the cosmos whose lone goal is to become a property manager on other planets. Players will explore uncharted worlds, find empty plots, build habital estates for clients, fulfill various tasks, and more. Some clients will also have specific requests, whether it's a certain view or something a little more exotic. Planets can get dangerous, depending on their environments. Some of the potential terrains include a luscious plant-filled ecosystem with indigenous wildlife, an empty sand world, or a harrowing magma-filled volcano. Explorers can set out on a solo expedition or they can team up with a friend for co-op play.

This is Mirage Game Studios' second title. Back in 2019, the studio released Little Big Workshop, which was a similar style of management simulator. The big difference, of course, is that the team's 2019 effort was set in a modern day factory landscape, while the newer Space for Sale takes users out into the empty vacuum of the universe. The new Space for Sale is also Mirage's first effort under the THQ Nordic umbrella.

Space for Sale trailer snapshot
Empty planets are ripe for colonization in Space for Sale.
Source: THQ Nordic

There's no word on when Space for Sale will release, but look for it to eventually land on PC. We're watching today's THQ Nordic Showcase for further news, so keep it on Shacknews. We'll have more reveals as they come in.

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