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How to get lumber and stone - Cult of the Lamb

Find out how to restock on wood and stone so you can build new upgrades in Cult of the Lamb.


Lumber and stone are precious resources in Cult of the Lamb. You will need to replenish these resources in order to build and maintain structures used within your cult. Whether you are building an outhouse or upgrading a bed, you will need a steady supply of both lumber and stone to keep up with maintenance on your cult grounds. This guide will cover the different ways to get stone and lumber in Cult of the Lamb.

Farm lumber and stone

When you first start out as a fledgling cult leader, you will have to use the limited resources available to you at your cult’s campsite. This means chopping down trees to get lumber and mining rock piles to get stone. You should have enough to get a few structures built, such as the Shrine and Temple. However, once these resources are depleted, it will take some time for the rocks and trees to return. Here’s what you can do to get more wood and stone in the meantime.

Find Resource Rooms

Image of the dungeon path highlighting the lumb rooms in Cult of the Lamb

When you aren’t busy tending to the needs of your followers in Cult of the Lamb, you will be delving into the forest on dungeon runs to defeat the four Bishops. During these dungeon runs, you will encounter rooms that offer free resources, such as lumber and stone. The lumber rooms are indicated by log symbol on the overworld map (the map with the dotted lines) during dungeon runs. Likewise, stone-filled rooms feature a rock symbol. Prioritize visiting these resource rooms when choosing which path to take in a dungeon so that you can stock up on more wood and stone.

Build a Lumberyard & Stone Mine

Image shows a lumberyard and stone mine building in Cult of the Lamb

While going out to collect resources is a reliable way to get more lumber and stone, it is much more efficient to have a way to generate these resources directly from home. You can do this by building a Lumberyard and a Stone Mine somewhere on your campgrounds. These structures will continue to generate lumber and stone for a limited time. The best part is, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting, as your followers will extract the resources for you and leave them in a chest for collection.

Building either of these structures will require you to upgrade your Shrine to Cult II using Divine Inspiration, which you earn by collecting Devotion from your followers. You will also need to unlock the Farm Plot first in order to access the Lumberyard and Stone Mine options.

Once either the Lumberyard or Stone Mine have been unlocked, they will become available under the Economy section of the Build menu at the workbench. The resource costs to build each structure are as follows:

  • Lumberyard - 30 Coin, 15 Lumber
  • Stone Mine - 30 Coin, 10 Stone

After you have built these structures, you can assign one of your followers to extract resources until they are depleted. Be sure to collect from the chest regularly to replenish your supply of lumber and stone. Both the Lumberyard and Stone Mine will eventually run out of resources, at which point they would need to be rebuilt. Although this method of getting lumber and stone is a slower process, it guarantees you can have a steady supply of these resources available when needed.

Complete Dungeon Runs

Image shows the lamb picking a lumber reward after completing a dungeon run

After completing a run and defeating one of the lesser bosses, you often get to choose one of three rewards. Oftentimes, those rewards can include stone or lumber. Although completing a dungeon run successfully isn’t always the easiest task, it is a reliable way to collect more lumber, stone, gold, and other resources.

Now that you know how to get more lumber and stone in Cult of the Lamb, you should be able to easily replenish these resources and avoid running out. Discover how to gain other resources, like Devotion, by visiting our Cult of the Lamb page.

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