How to get Devotion - Cult of the Lamb

Learn how to draw upon the devotion of your followers to build new amenities for your cult.


In Cult of the Lamb, cult leaders are granted Devotion for maintaining a loyal cult following. Devotion is used to earn Divine Inspiration, which allows cult leaders to unlock and upgrade new buildings and structures. Below are several of the best ways to get Devotion in Cult of the Lamb for those looking to unlock new building upgrades.

Devotion and Divine Inspiration

The amount of Devotion you have is indicated by a bar at the top of the display. When the bar gets full, you will receive one Divine Inspiration, which can be redeemed at the Shrine to unlock new buildings as well as Temple and Shrine upgrades.

Collect From Shrine

Image shows worshipers around a shrine with the lamb able to collect devotion in Cult of the Lamb

The primary way of obtaining Devotion is from your Shrine, which is one of the first structures you will build as a new cult leader. Followers will generate Devotion while praying at the Shrine. Collect your Devotion regularly to ensure your followers continue worshipping at the Shrine uninterrupted. As you upgrade the Shrine, new structures and upgrades will become available that allow you to earn even more Devotion.

Increase Follower Loyalty

The devotion of your followers is directly tied to their loyalty to you in Cult of the Lamb. Increasing follower loyalty will allow them to level up, granting you a portion of Devotion as a reward. Complete quests for your followers and bless them daily to level them up and earn Devotion.

Steal Devotion

Image shows the lamb able to steal devotion from a shrine

There are plenty of opportunities to steal Devotion during dungeon runs in Cult of the Lamb. Keep an eye out for shrines that say Steal Devotion while completing a run, particularly before reaching a boss room.

Visit Ratau’s shack

After establishing your cult, Ratau will invite you to his Lonely Shack for a round of Knucklebones. Outside his house is a small shrine that regularly generates Devotion over time. Ratau doesn’t seem to mind if you take some for yourself.

Fix Lighthouse

Image shows worshipers around candles at a Lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb

Once you make your way to Pilgrim’s Passage and fix the lighthouse that’s stationed there, you will be able to collect a small amount of Devotion from the pilgrims worshipping there.

Now that you know some of the many ways to get Devotion early on in Cult of the Lamb, you are well on your way to upgrading your cult with various amenities. Take a look over our written word on Cult of the Lamb for more help, like guidance on building a farm.

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