GameStop Wallet version 0.6.9 adds ImmutableX Layer 2 support

Users will now be able to access their ImmutableX assets through the GameStop Wallet.


The launch of the GameStop Wallet and NFT marketplace continues with the addition of ImmutableX Layer 2 support. This latest update, version 0.6.9, allows users to access their ImmutableX assets, send and receive goods, and connect to Immutable-enabled dapps.

Announced on August 8, 2022 via a Tweet, the GameStop Wallet has received update 0.6.9 which integrates ImmutableX Layer 2 support to the wallet. Word of ImmutableX being GameStop’s layer 2 platform was known since early February, but the systems are now in place. Users should now be able to find their Immutable goods via the GameStop Wallet.

GameStop was also touting ImmutableX’s latest play-to-earn title, Undead Blocks. Though centered on zombie killing à la Left 4 Dead, Undead Blocks rewards players for playing using two tokens, Undead and Zbux. The former is used to purchase weapon loadout NFTs while the latter is the reward currency which the site states is “pegged at $0.10 (off chain currency)”.

Image shows man in a mask holding a trophy and a girl holding a pink gun with text describing a tournament with $10,000 prize pool

Source: Undead Blocks

With ImmutableX now integrated into the GameStop Wallet, users will be able to manage their assets across multiple platforms. Presumably, this will allow players to do things like earn currency in one game and use it to purchase NFTs on GameStop’s marketplace.

It’s only been four weeks since the launch of the GameStop (GME) NFT Marketplace and already the company has seen a lot of movement. The Derevolutions music artist made three years of their streaming revenue in three days on the marketplace, showing that there are consumers out there actively participating in the Web3.0 discussion.

It’s also worth noting that the partnership between the two companies allows for ImmutableX to provide GameStop with $150 million in IMX tokens, provided milestones are met. With the joining of ImmutableX Layer 2 and GameStop Wallet, it will be interesting to see whether said milestones are reached.

Let us know what you think in the Chatty thread below. Have you dabbled in the GameStop Wallet or NFT Marketplace yet and have you booted up one of the games built upon the ImmutableX foundation? Be sure to check out our GME and NFT pages for more information regarding this new era of internet and economy.

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