The King of Fighters 15 crossplay is in development

Rollback netcode for Samurai Shodown is also on the way.


It's been an exciting day at EVO 2022, especially for those who enjoy rollback netcode with their fighting games. SNK held a panel during Friday's opening day and revealed what's next for its line of games. This includes what's next for the publisher's breakout hit, The King of Fighters 15. While new characters are on their way, crossplay also appears to be in development across the game's three supported platforms.

SNK panel slide

Source: @Wario64 on Twitter

Revealed during an SNK developer panel at EVO 2022, the team of KOF 15 Chief Produer Yasuyuki Oda, Assistant Producer Joshua Weatherford, and Game Director Kaito Soranaka confirmed that cross-platform play for The King of Fighters 15 is currently in the works. The game is currently available on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. There is no timetable for crossplay, but SNK's team pledges more information as it becomes available.

While most of the attention was on The King of Fighters 15, the SNK team is still putting effort into Samurai Shodown and will be collaborating with Code Mystics to add rollback netcode in a forthcoming update. Rollback will be implemented in the game's PC (via both Steam and the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions. Unfortunately, it will not be available for the Nintendo Switch or Google Stadia due to technical limitations. The rollback netcode update will release in Spring 2023 and will be based on the GGPO solution that's currently being used in The King of Fighters 15.

SNK panel slide

Source: @Wario64 on Twitter

This isn't all we'll hear about from SNK during EVO 2022. The King of Fighters 15 will receive its third DLC team (Team Awakened Orochi) this coming Monday, but the reveal of the fourth DLC team will be unveiled this Sunday following the KOF 15 Grand Finals. A second season's worth of characters is confirmed to be in development and a teaser will also air during Sunday's KOF 15 Grand Finals. There's a lot of news coming out of EVO 2022, so be sure to keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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