Meet Your Maker is base-building & raid game from Behaviour Interactive

Players can sign up to take part in upcoming playtests and check out Meet Your Maker's deathtrap fortress-building and raiding mechanics.

Behaviour Interactive is spreading its wings in both development and publishing capacity, as shown by today’s massive Beyond Behaviour digital showcase. The group showed off a number of new upcoming projects with the help of developing partners. However, one thing Behaviour is handling on its own is a newly announced game called Meet Your Maker. You’ll build fortresses to protect a precious resource and then go and raid other players’ fortresses to try to escape with the goods and your life.

Behaviour Interactive officially unveiled Meet Your Maker during the Beyond Behaviour showcase on August 3, 2022. A completely new IP from Behaviour Interactive, Meet Your Maker is set in a desolate and futuristic sci-fi world. In this dying world, players serve as Custodians of the Chimera, harvesting a precious recourse from the planet in the form of pure Genetic Material (GenMat for short). You’ll create massive fortresses bristling with defenses to harvest and protect your GenMat, but you’ll also venture out to discover other player’s fortresses, try to circumvent their gauntlets, and steal their GenMat.

A tower built in Behaviour Interactive's upcoming Meet Your Maker game.
Behaviour Interactive is making Meet Your Maker as a building-and-raiding first-person shooter.
Source: Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker will play as a first-person shooter. You’ll be able to invade and raid other players’ fortresses either solo or with one teammate joining you. Get in, get the goods, and escape, or kill invaders within your own fortress, and you’ll gain progression that can be used to unlock better deathtraps and more options for making a stronger fortress. You’ll never lose progress from a successful raid on your bases either. It’s just an opportunity to learn and make a better deathtrap dungeon. From what we could tell, it looks and awful lot like Quake meets Super Mario Maker.

Meet Your Maker isn’t anywhere near ready to launch, but it will have playtests coming up. Be sure to check out the game’s website and sign up for a chance to get in when Behaviour launches the game’s playtest sessions in the near future. Check out our other coverage from the Beyond Behaviour showcase as well.

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