Nintendo now has 104 million annual playing users on Switch

One game highlighted in relation to the impressive, and growing, number of annual users was Nintendo Switch Sports.


Nintendo released its earnings report for Q1 2023 and it features an assortment of interesting information including a note about how there are now 104 million annual players on Nintendo Switch and growing.

The impressive figure of annual players was supported by both evergreen titles and newly released titles such as Nintendo Switch Sports, according to the report.

Graph from Nintendo's earnings report that shows a rising number of annual playing users with the latest figure sitting at 104 million. Next to this graph on the left is a section on new titles such as Nintendo Switch Sports.
© Nintendo

A graph accompanies the aforementioned data shared in Nintendo’s report, along with clarification of how data is being aggregated for the graph. In this, Nintendo notes it’s showing the number of annual playing users “for the 12 months starting in July, rather than for the fiscal year.”

The report continues by remarking on how over 100 million users played Nintendo Switch in the latest 12-month period. Not only is the number of annual users up for Switch, but also things like digital sales which increased 16 percent year-over-year in the first quarter and accounted for 53 percent of total software sales.

Image for Nintendo Switch Sports showing a character rolling a purple bowling ball down the lane towards a set of pins.
© Nintendo

For more on how Nintendo has been faring for Q1 2023, and how the company is looking ahead and preparing for the next quarter, be sure to read through Nintendo’s full report. And for more on Nintendo financial news, check out some of our previous coverage including how the $388 million yen exchange rate gain boosted Nintendo (NTDOY) Q1 2023’s ordinary profit.

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