Unboxing & review: Transformers Legacy Leader Class showcase

Hasbro Pulse sent us a Transformers Legacy Leader Class Optimus Prime and Voyager Class Bulkhead to unbox. Check out our impressions here!


The Transformers franchise and toys have been around for quite a long time and there have been plenty of cool collectibles to come out of it, but they also still keep coming. Hasbro Pulse has put out Transformers Legacy collection and they sent us a few examples of toys from the series, including a Legacy Leader Class Optimus Prime and Legacy Voyager Class Bulkhead.

Both figures are highly detailed and well painted, featuring all sorts of articulation points and posable opportunities. In particular, we found the Bulkhead figure to be quite cool and fun with attachable shield and gatling gun accessories to put on or take off as you please in display of the figure. Optimus was more interesting. While the figure is imposing, his bulky shoulders actually limit the range of movement in the figure’s arms. His head is also tightly set in a static, forward-facing position. This makes the Optimus Prime figure a little harder to pose as you will as opposed to the Bulkhead figure.

Nonetheless, each of these figures are solid collectibles full of details. In particular, we really enjoyed the paint job on Optimus Prime, as well as the translucent glass canopy on his chest/windshield of the truck form. Neither figure will drain your wallet either. The Legacy Leader Class Optimus Prime figure retails at around $52.99 USD while the Legacy Voyager Class Bulkhead comes in at an even gentler price of $31.99 USD. Both figures are solid in their own right, running at just around seven to eight inches tall, and would make for enjoyable collectibles for fans of the franchise.

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