Unboxing & Review: Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class showcase

Expand your collection of Transformers with one of the new Legacy Deluxe Class line-up of toys.


Transformers is a franchise that transcends decades. Whether you were a fan of the original series from the 80s, caught up with the team in the 90s, or even joined up in the new millennium, there’s something extremely appealing about Transformers. Shacknews Head of Production Greg Burke was lucky enough to get his hands on a few Transformers courtesy of Hasbro, and he spent a bit of time unboxing and reviewing them for your enjoyment. Take a look at the video below!

On offer today as part of the Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class is the Prime Universe Arcee, Dragstrip, and Skids. These three Transformers vary in difficulty, color, and appearance, meaning there’s no doubt one that may take your fancy.

For the Prime Universe Arcee, Burke notes some challenge to the transformation process. Users that are looking for a bit more of a challenge when it comes to their Transformers should check it out. When fully transformed into vehicle mode, Arcee takes on the form of a motorcycle with a slightly higher seat than you might expect.

On the Dragstrip front, users should note that the symbol is broken up when in robot form as opposed to being whole. However, when in vehicle form, the Decepticon symbol stands proud, front and center. Dragstrip is also part of a one-of-five combination Transformer, meaning collectors will want to acquire the other four to create the main, larger Transformer.

And of course there is also Skids. When in robot form, it is evident that Skids transforms into a car, as the front hood of the car forms Skids’ chest while the doors fan out to the sides. Skids also features some impressive articulation, including some slight movement up and down with his head and great movement of the shoulder joints.

Would-be collectors should head over to the Hasbro website for a look at the complete Transformer collection on offer. While you’re out there, stop by the Shacknews YouTube channel for more unboxing videos and GamerHubTV for exclusive developer interviews.

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