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MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, and that comes with some conditions. For one, the whole roster won’t be available to you. Outside of a handful of starting characters, many will be locked and must be unlocked with either purchases or progress in-game. Need to know the specifics on how to snag the character you want to play? This guide will explain all the way you can unlock characters in MultiVersus.

How to unlock characters

How to Unlock Characters MultiVersus
Go to a locked character's page in MultiVersus to see the button to unlock them.
Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

There are three main ways to unlock characters in MultiVersus:

  • Gold (the free in-game currency)
  • Gleamium (the premium in-game currency)
  • Character Tokens from the Founders Packs

If you have the required currency, simply go to the Collection tab on your home screen, pick the character you want, and unlock them on the unlock page via the currency of your choice.

The Gold (free) method

Gold achievement screen in MultiVersus post-match.
Gold is the free way to earn characters in MultiVersus.
Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gold is a free currency earned in MultiVersus simply by playing the game. After you start MultiVersus, there are some starting missions to play. They’re easy to clear and important because these missions will give you around 2000 gold - enough to unlock at least one of many of the characters. Characters can cost between 1,000 and 3,000 Gold currently.

You can also earn gold by playing public matches (not Custom Games unfortunately). By finishing rounds in a match, winning, or leveling up, you can increase your gold take from a match. Even when losing you can walk away with 40 to 100 gold, but we found that when you level up, win, and play all three matches in a best-of-three, we could take over 350 Gold from one match.

The Gleamium (paid) method

MultiVersus Gleamium Character Unlock

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

If you don’t want to spend time earning Gold for a character unlock, there are paid ways to get the characters faster. The main way is via Gleamium, which is MultiVersus’ premium currency. You can buy Gleamium straight up in-game in various quantities. It costs around 700 Gleamium to unlock a 2000 Gold character. Bear in mind that you can also buy cosmetics with Gleamium.

Character Tokens (Founders Pack) method

MultiVersus Founders Pack

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

You can also buy a Founders Pack with real money, which will not only give you some spare Gleamium, but also Character Tokens. These allow for instant character unlocks. Depending on the Founders Pack you buy, you can get a minimum of 15 Character Tokens and the biggest Founders Pack provides 30 Tokens, which covers a good chunk of current roster and future character releases. The Founders Packs also all come with spare Gleamium to use as you will.

That covers the entirety of unlocking characters in MultiVersus. If you need any further help, be sure to follow our MultiVersus coverage and guides for all of your needs.

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