FarmCon reveals a truckload of new Farming Simulator 22 content

Get ready for two new Packs and a brand new map called Silverrun Forest, with more info to be shared this coming Saturday!

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Intrepid farmers who’ve been enjoying all that Farming Simulator 22 has to offer have a wealth of new content to look forward to, as was revealed at this year’s FarmCon which is both an in-person event this year, and online with the festivities and announcements being livestreamed on Twitch.

Among the information shared during FarmCon include the fact that new content is being made available over the next few months including a new Vermeer Pack on August 23, and Pumps ‘N Hoses Pack by Creative Mesh on September 27. Farming Sim players can also enjoy both the John Deere 5M Series and classic John Deere 710, which are available now.

In the future, it’s been teased that a Platinum Edition and Expansion map “Silverrun Forest” are coming in November, with additional details to be shown this coming Saturday as part of the FarmCon livestream.

FarmCon revealed a new Vermeer Pack for Farming Simulator 22,
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Digging deeper into the new Packs coming in August and September, the following information was shared in a press release accompanying the exciting news:

Continuing on to talk about the Pumps N’ Hoses Pack, the press release reads:

FarmCon also revealed the new Pumps N' Hoses Pack for Farming Simulator 22.
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With the Platinum Expansion and Platinum Edition in November, more than 40 new machines by Volvo Group and others will make their way into Farming Simulator 22 alongside a new map called Silverrun Forest which was inspired by the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and can be seen in the teaser video below.

To learn even more about the new content coming to Farming Simulator 22, it’s recommended that fans tune in to the FarmCon livestream presentations on Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m. (CEST). During the livestream, “fans and gamers will learn more about the making of Farming Simulator and the upcoming content.”

If you’ve yet to play Farming Simulator 22 and are considering getting into it based on all the new content coming, be sure to read through our review of the game.

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