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What's better than playing as a cat? Watching other cats watch someone play as a cat in Stray!

Image: BlueTwelve Studio

If you’ve been loving Stray, a game where you get to play as an adorable little feline on a grand adventure, you may be interested to hear there’s another way to enjoy Stray. What is this, you ask? Well, there’s now a Twitter account entirely dedicated to clips and photos of real life cats watching the game unfold.

The account, while only recently created, already has almost 17,000 followers and boasts a plethora of kitty content. For example, there’s a retweet of a clip where someone’s cat watches them play Stray with a curious expression, likely wondering how in the heck a cat got into the TV.

There’s also a retweet of a photo where someone’s fluffy black cat sits right up next to their computer monitor, transfixed on Stray’s charming orange protagonist. You know, exactly as the Twitter account name suggests… cats watching Stray.

Outside of being cute and entertaining, it’s also interesting to see so many different cats take an interest in Stray. If you need a pick-me-up, or are just enjoying all the cat content popping up following the release of Stray, we highly recommend checking out the Twitter account @CatsWatchStray for yourself. And for even more on Stray and why it's a must-play, be sure to read through our full review of the game and how it’s the best “catformer” of 2022.

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