Ethereum devs propose September 19 as tentative date for 'The Merge'

It looks like the transition from PoW to PoS may finally be happening, though the date has been noted to be more of a roadmap than a set deadline.

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If you’ve been following the latest Ethereum (ETH) developments, you may be excited to hear that it’s reportedly closing in on a date for its big Merge from proof-of-work (PoW) mining to proof-of-state (PoS).

The news of the potential transition date comes courtesy of a conference call that took place on Thursday featuring the likes of Ethereum developers such as Tim Beiko. According to Beiko, “The Merge” may take place as early as September 19. That being said, developer superphiz.eth later tweeted out added clarification that this proposed date is more of a roadmap than an actual deadline.

While there’s no guarantee “The Merge” will happen on September 19 and expectations should be kept in check on this, it’s nevertheless exciting to finally have a date on the board. Especially considering how Ethereum has been steadily building up to this Merge since December 2020 with the launch of Beacon Chain, which in turn kicked off Phase 0 of the transition process.

As reported by outlets like Cointelegraph, Phase 1 was originally supposed to follow this with a launch in mid-2021, but unfortunately this was later delayed to Q1 2022 “owing to unfinished work and the complexities involved in the code auditing.” The ball has since begun to roll forward steadily once more, with Sepolia testnet Beacon Chain going live back in June, followed by its network merge on July 7.

“The final trial of the Merge is set to occur on the Goerli network, which is scheduled for the second week of August,” Cointelegraph reports. After this, the official Merge should follow with the aforementioned potential date of September 19.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko has suggested
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In terms of why Ethereum is undertaking this Merge in the first place, it’s in effort to reduce energy consumption while also allowing for the introduction of sharding which is expected by Q1 2023, with these efforts helping “make the network highly scalable and on par with centralized payment processors.”

As always, we’re always interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think “The Merge” will happen in September, or do you anticipate the process taking a bit longer? Let us know in Chatty!

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