Senator Warren calls for uniform charging standards for devices like iPhone

The EU agreed on USB-C as the universal charging standard, now it sounds like lawmakers in the US are looking to follow suit.

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It feels like almost everyone can agree that it’s a pain to have to keep track of, buy, and maintain different chargers for different devices. Among those that agree with this sentiment is Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently tweeted about how consumers shouldn't have to keep buying new chargers for different devices, and that things could be cleared up with uniform standards.

Warren also linked to a news article from USA Today in her tweet that covers how some lawmakers here in the States have begun pushing for similar universal charger rules after the European Union recently agreed on the USB Type-C cable becoming the universal charging standard by 2024.

Among lawmakers pushing for universal charger rules in the U.S. are the aforementioned Senator Warren along with Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The letter touches upon these points further, noting that consumers on average own three different charging devices, and that discarded and unused chargers generate over 11,000 tons of e-waste annually. Looking at the responses to the subject of universal charger rules, such as Senator Warren’s tweet, it seems like most people are on board with the idea.

Senators like Elizabeth Warren are pushing for the U.S. to pass universal charger laws similar to those passed by the EU.
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It certainly would make life a little easier to have one charger for everything, and we’ve already started heading in that direction with USB-C. Of course, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree that we should have one universal charger, or are you fine with how things are currently with select devices using different charger types? Let us know in Chatty.

For more on what’s happening in the EU, we recently covered how the EU approved new legislation to regulate Apple, Meta, Google, and other big tech firms that's worth a read.

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