Job listing hints at a new Battlefield campaign in the works

Could this Battlefield campaign be an expansion of Battlefield 2042 or are players being treated to an entirely new game?

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It looks like we finally know what Marcus Lehto will be working on at the new EA studio in Seattle: a Battlefield campaign. This information comes by way of a job listing as the appropriately named studio, Battlefield Seattle Studio, searches for a Design Director to bring the new Battlefield game to life.

job listing reveals unannounced battlefield campaign
Image credit: Electronic Arts.

Reported on by GameSpot on July 5, 2022, the job listing goes into detail about the Design Director role and its responsibilities. Given that this is a director position, the role will oversee every aspect of the game. As the overview puts it, the director will be in charge of “mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to create the highest quality experience possible”.

It’s not entirely clear whether this unannounced Battlefield game is a standalone singleplayer experience, a new campaign for Battlefield 2042, or the campaign portion of new game that will also feature multiplayer. While DICE isn’t starting any new projects, it seems like other studios are in a position to continue growing the Battlefield brand.

Seeing an unannounced Battlefield experience revealed like this is certainly unusual. Typically, these job listings and career opportunities are clouded in mystery. However, it seems as if EA has done away with the intrigue in favor of saying specifically what is being developed in hopes of attracting the right person for the job. It’s as if the company is focused on improving the Battlefield branding after the dicey launch of Battlefield 2042, even if it means revealing its hand a little early.

As for when players can expect to see this new Battlefield campaign loading onto their hard drives? That’s still likely years away from happening. But between now and some unknown time in the future, there’s still more Battlefield to play and Battlefield 2042 just received Season 1: Zero Hour last month.

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