How to use Buddy Recons - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Give yourself another fast travel point in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak by using the new Buddy Recon mechanic.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces a new mechanic called Buddy Recons. This valuable new system lets you place buddies out on the map that you can use as fast travel point. It’s an incredibly nifty new way to play the game, though it does come with some limitations. Here’s what you need to know about Buddy Recons.

Buddy Recons

Buddy Recons are unlocked by speaking with the Buddy Agent in Elgado Outpost. Once this is done, each area must be visited and its Buddy Recon locations discovered. There are only a couple of points in every location where one of these points can be found.

monster hunter rise sunbreak buddy recon points
Each location has a couple of Buddy Recon Points for you to use. You can assign one buddy per location.

As for the limitations of the Buddy Recon system, while each location has multiple points, you can only place one buddy. It can be a good idea to place a buddy where you think you might need it (like when hunting a specific monster that you knows takes a specific route). Alternatively, pick a location between the main camp and sub camp, as travel between these two locations is free and easy.

The other limit placed on the Buddy Recon mechanic relates to uses and cost. These can only be used one time per hunt. When a hunt is finished, the same spot will activate again the next time you visit the locale. On top of this, it will cost you some Kamura Points to use this fast travel system.

While there are some restrictions to using the Buddy Recon system in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, it is certainly worth it. Being able to quickly move around the map will make farming and monster hunting faster. This is especially true if you’re carting during some of the tougher Master Rank hunts. For more help with this new expansion, check out the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak page.

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