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How to use Marionette Spiders - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Use Marionette Spiders in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to get an advantage over the powerful Master Rank monsters.


Marionette Spiders are a new type of Hunting Helper in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These new critters are extremely useful, especially when trying to take down some of the larger and more challenging Master Rank monsters. When used correctly, a Marionette Spider will have you dominating a monster, causing it to crash into obstacles or change its movement.

Using Marionette Spiders

monster hunter rise sunbreak use marionette spiders
Marionette Spiders let you yank monsters around, causing them to stumble into obstacles and fall over.

Though similar to the Puppet Spiders, Marionette Spiders are not used to ride the wyverns and engage in mounted combat. Instead, Marionette Spiders are used to yank monsters off balance, sending them careening into obstacles or being pulled directly toward you.

In order to use a Marionette Spider, you must first find it out in the wild. Once you have at least one in your inventory, select it from the item bar. Now, holding the button that you would use to aim the Wirebug (left trigger on Xbox) and press the item activation button (X button on Xbox). The Marionette Spider will fire out a strand and attach to a monster. Press the item activation button again to yank the monster toward you.

If there is an obstacle in between you and the monster, the beast will smash into it once you yank it using the spider. This will cause the monster to fall to the ground, giving you an opportunity to deal more damage to it.

Finding Marionette Spiders

monster hunter rise sunbreak marionette spiders
Use the map in each location to learn where the Marionette Spiders can be found.

Each Master Rank version of locations will now include a couple of Marionette Spiders (along with the new Ruby and Gold Wirebugs). Consult the map in-game to spot this new Hunting Helper. For example, the Shrine Ruins has spiders between area 3 and 7 on the eastern side and up toward area 13.

When you’re out on tough hunts, take a moment to collect these spiders. It’s better to have them at the start of a fight then spend time mid-hunt to try and locate them.

Hunters looking to completing dominate their hunting targets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak should start using Marionette Spiders. This new tool will allow you to control the flow of a hunt with greater ease than before. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more information about this new expansion.

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