How to fast travel to Kamura Village - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

At the start of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you will be unable to get back to Kamura Village. Here's when it unlocks and how to get back.


When players first start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, they’ll find themselves in Elgado Outpost, far from their home of Kamura Village. While it does have a lot of fun new things to do, some may wonder how to get back to Kamura Village to check in on the other characters. The good news is that it’s simple!

Fast travel to Kamura Village

When you first start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the game will inform you that you will be unable to travel back to Kamura Village for a short time. It will tell you to take a moment before you set off on your journey. However, you can return to Kamura Village a few minutes after you reach Elgado Outpost – so it’s not that bad.

monster hunter rise sunbreak get back to kamura village
Once you reach Elgado Outpost and do some talking to people, you'll be able to return to Kamura Village.

To get back to Kamura Village, you will need to speak with everyone and complete the Switch Skill Swap introduction quest. Once this quest is done, you can speak with Chichae and she will let you know that you can travel back to Kamura Village.

There are two main ways to fast travel to Kamura Village. Firstly, you can speak with Collen the Sailor in the Market who will ferry you back to Kamura. Alternatively, and arguably the best way, is to simply use the world map.

The world map has now been expanded with two locations that you can tab between. There is Kamura Village and Elgado Outpost. You can travel between these two locations freely at any time after you’ve completed Master Utsushi’s Switch Skill Swap quest.

Before you decide to embark on your Sunbreak journey, chat with people around Kamura Village to turn in any quests you might be holding or pick up any you need. When you’re ready, you can set off. The good news is that you won’t need to return to Kamura Village (unless you’re missing Requests and Deliveries) as Elgado Outpost has all the services you need.

With fast travel to Kamura Village unlocked, you can get back to the original hub world at any point in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Rise page for more information and helpful guides.

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