AndaSeat Jungle 2 review: Welcome 2 the Jungle

The Jungle 2 series from AndaSeat offers features like a retractable footrest and deep recline, along with a more compact, ergonomic profile.

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AndaSeat has a new Jungle 2 chair series that not only offers support for your neck and back, but also your feet as well as it includes a fancy, retractable footrest. With this, you can lean yourself all the way back in the chair and stretch out, with every part of your body feeling supported. After taking the chair for a test spin, I’ve found that the Jungle 2 seat is both comfortable and compact, and is particularly great for long gaming sessions.

Assembly required

Assembly can be tricky with the Jungle 2 Series from AndaSeat
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Before I could sit my butt in the Jungle 2 and determine how comfortable and recommendable it is, the chair first had to be assembled. This proved to be a fairly complicated task for a few different reasons. One, there are a number of sections in the instructions that felt vague and unclear, resulting in some minor guesswork.

Two, construction of the chair in general took almost an hour. It’s not a quick and easy process. While it was a notable struggle to put together, the end result more than made up for the string of frustrated curse words that poured out of my mouth during the chair’s assembly phase.

Personally, I’d recommend grabbing a second person if at all possible to help you assemble the chair. Not only to help reduce the amount of time you’ll be seated on the floor trying to assemble the chair, but also because there are parts that are heavy and need to be held steady during assembly. Having an extra set of hands to help you hold something in place is never a bad idea, but especially when assembling the Jungle 2.

My neck, my back… support

The Jungle 2 Series chairs from AndaSeat are extremely comfortable and supportive
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The biggest draw of the Jungle 2 chair series from AndaSeat is undoubtedly the comfort of it, with the chair feeling properly cushioned in all the right places. The Jungle 2 also comes paired with a retractable footrest and supportive back and neck pillows.

With this, you can really stretch yourself out and relax, which is great if you’re the type that enjoys watching movies on your computer for example. The chair in general is also great comfort wise for long gaming sessions and can recline back from 90 to 160 degrees.

Material wise, the Jungle 2 is composed of AndaSeat’s DuraXtra AD+ Leather. While I can’t speak on how long-lasting this will be over the course of a few years of wear and tear for example, it certainly feels sturdy and solid. It’s also easy to clean. My clumsy self actually spilled a bit of coffee on it a few days after I got it, much to my dismay. Fortunately, with a bit of soap and water, it’s like it never even happened.

In terms of body feel, I sat myself in the chair for several straight hours doing work and a bit of gaming, and I experienced none of the discomfort and stiffness that I get after sitting somewhere without proper padding and support.

The chair has ample padding throughout, with the exception of the armrests, and comes with two pillows (one for your neck, and one for your back) to help you avoid any and all aches and pains. I liked that the lumbar support comes in pillow form rather than being built-in, as it can be easily removed if it ever feels in the way when it’s pressing up against your back.

Unobtrusive aesthetic

The Jungle 2 chairs from AndaSeat are compact and ergonomic, great for small office spaces
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Visually, the Jungle 2 chairs are somewhat low profile, without flashy color or design options. The chair is also more compact and ergonomic in size, which can be great for smaller office areas, but a negative for those whose bodies may require a bit more chair space in order to feel comfortable.

I’d say the Jungle 2 is best suited for gamers with small to medium builds, particularly due to the seat size being somewhat narrow. Another potential negative is the width of the armrests. On the Jungle 2, they feel a bit thinner than other AndaSeat models like the Kaiser 3 series. The armrests also just don’t feel as well-padded as the rest of the chair.

For those who don’t make use of the armrests often, this should be a non-issue. However, if you’re like me and like to lean your bony elbow on an armrest from time to time, you may find yourself wishing for wider, more padded armrests.

The chair looks nice design wise, coming in all-black with orange stitching. No flashy designs, just a straightforward, uniform color scheme. The footrest can get a bit clunky, sometimes not retracting or returning as cleanly and easily as you’d like. However, you can keep it tucked neatly away under the chair, so it never feels like it gets in the way either functionally, or design wise.

Final thoughts

The Jungle 2 series from AndaSeat is affordable, comfortable, and great for gamers with small to medium builds
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The AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a solid chair that’s best suited for gamers with small to medium builds due to its compact, narrow design. The chair is quite comfortable thanks to the inclusion of a retractable footrest, neck and back support pillows, and padded leather setup, and is on the more affordable end compared to other, similar chairs on the market. Overall, I’d recommend it, and have certainly been enjoying it.

Review based on an AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series chair provided by AndaSeat for review. The AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series chairs retail at $299 USD and can be purchased on the AndaSeat website.

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AndaSeat Jungle 2
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Includes retractable footrest
  • Includes lumbar support and neck pillows
  • Can recline all the way back from 90 to 160 degrees
  • Chair leather is durable and easy to clean
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Small armrests
  • Compact design not suitable for larger gamers
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