Shacknews E6 2022: Rogue Legacy 2 boss design deep dive

Rogue Legacy 2 Art Director Matt Hammill takes us on a rare behind-the-scenes look on the creation of two of the game's most memorable bosses.


This was a big year for the team at Cellar Door Games. After spending months on Steam Early Access, Rogue Legacy 2 finally hit 1.0. For those who waited for that milestone, the sequel to the original roguelike was well worth the wait. Players got to take a whole new batch of descendants across an expansive world filled with new biomes, new challenges, and brand new bosses.

Shacknews E6 2022: Rogue Legacy 2 boss design deep dive

In a special conversation with Rogue Legacy 2 Art Director Matt Hammill, we have an in-depth discussion on two of the game's most memorable bosses. Get an in-depth look at the making of Estuary Lamech and Estuary Naamah, starting with their initial conception and going down to the final paint and polish. Take a rare look at the design process, along with concept art, scrapped ideas, and much more. It's not often we go behind-the-scenes on the creation of a game to this degree, so enjoy this special look at one of the best games to release this year.

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