Dragon Age: Absolution TV series announced at Netflix Geeked Week

BioWare is giving us a Dragon Age animated TV series.


During the Netflix Geeked Week stream, a brand new Dragon Age TV series was confirmed called Dragon Age: Absolution. While we don’t know an exact release date for the series just yet, we do know that Dragon Age: Absolution will be airing on Netflix later this year in December.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the existence of this series has been hinted at, as back in July of 2021, Giant Freakin Robot reported that Netflix was in the “early development stages on a Dragon Age series.” With today’s announcement, that report has now proven to be legitimate.

Dragon Age: Absolution TV series announced at Netflix Geeked Week

As for what the show will focus on, the description that accompanies the trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution notes that it'll be set in Tevinter which is the same setting as BioWare's next Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and will feature a cast of new characters inspired by Dragon Age lore.

All in all, it's exciting to hear the show is being created in collaboration with BioWare, and that it'll feature brand new characters. We're eager to learn more about these characters, and who will be playing them, in the future. Dragon Age: Absolution will release on Netflix in December 2022. 

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