Witchfire gets new early access gameplay trailer at Summer Game Fest

For the first time in over four years, behold new gameplay footage for Witchfire.


Summer Game Fest 2022 has more to show off and Geoff Keighley's big show continued with a new look at Witchfire from the development team at The Astronauts. It's been a while since anyone has seen footage of this title, but a full-blown trailer was ready to roll on Thursday. Players can check out a mixture of first-person shooting, which is blended together with powerful magic wielding.

For the uninitiated, Witchfire takes place in an alternate world, one that is experiencing full-blown war between powerful witches and the Church. Players take on the role of a powerful witch hunter, one armed by the sorcerers of the Vatican. As this shadowy figure, one publicly disavowed by the Church, the object is to take on the dark forces of the underworld using old-timey firearms and forbidden magic.

This is quite the departure for The Astronauts, which previously put out the very different The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Studio co-founders Adrian Chmielarz, Michał Kosieradzki, and Andrzej Poznański are back in the saddle for this game, bringing along their invaluable experience from their time with Painkiller and Bulletstorm creators People Can Fly.

Witchfire early access trailer Summer Game Fest

It's been a long time since we've seen any updates on Witchfire. In fact, the game was revealed all the way back in December 2017, though part of that could be because the studio is only comprised of nine people.

Witchfire is coming soon to early access via the Epic Games Store. Look for more updates on this game as they come in. Stay tuned to Shacknews for any further breakout news on this year's Summer Game Fest.

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