Hellsweeper VR asks you to fight through hell

Destroy foes using infernal powers in Hellsweeper, a roguelike first-person game.


Hellsweeper VR asks the question: What if you took Sairento VR and made it more gruesome and brutal and then sent the protagonist on a trip through hell? It’s a long question, but one that VR fans will no doubt want to answer as they slice and dice their way through demons and other hellspawn. Take a look at the gory trailer below.

The team at Mixed Realms sought to take what was learned during development of Sairento and push it to a whole new level. In Hellsweeper, players can expect the same fast-paced combat with wall-running, power-sliding, backflips and other movements, all tied into a semi-realistic physics system that lets you interact with foes in bizarre and brutal ways. Use an enemy as a surfboard? Do it.

In the trailer, the player can be seen performing all manner of wild and outlandish combat manoeuvres to take down the demonic horde. From simple hacking and slashing of swords and shooting of guns, to imbuing weapons with ice properties to take down flaming foes, juggling enemies, and sending out a geyser of flame from your palm, Hellsweeper VR has it all.

You can learn more over on the Hellsweeper VR Steam page. The game is set to release on Meta Quest 2, though no release date or window was given. Take a look at the Shacknews Upload VR Showcase page for more information on the games announced today.

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