MultiVersus interview: Spotlighting 2v2 mascot fighting

Shacknews recently spoke with Player First's Chris White about MultiVersus' focus on 2v2 battles and much more.


MultiVersus has taken a lot of people by surprise for many reasons. Few expected to see a WB mascot brawler at all and fewer expected it to actually be good. If the recent closed alpha was any indication, WB Games and Player First Games are putting a lot of love into this effort. To learn more, our own Rodney Conyers Jr. spoke with Player First's Chris White.

"We felt that [2v2] added a whole new element to the strategy layer of the game that hadn't really been dealt with in the past, so 2v2 for us, it's more than just a number change," White told Shacknews. "It's not just adding another person. It's actually building it around the cooperative activities you perform."

This specifically fed into one of MultiVersus' few original creations.

"One of our very first things that we were playing with was Reindog, who's our first original character, he had a tether mechanic on him where he can put his tether on his ally and then pull his ally back," White added. "This started playing in several unique ways that we felt was really great. One was it allowed your ally to play off stage a lot, so you could pull off a really risky combo off-stage and then Reindog could pull you back. The other way it helped is, if your ally was at a really high percent, you could take a huge knockback, but before you get knocked out, Reindog pulls you back. These elements, it's just a new style of play that we felt was really important and really new to the genre and kind of something that the genre needed and so we kind of go on the route of trying to make sure all of our characters have something there that feels cooperative."

MultiVersus 2v2

White also talks about the MultiVersus roster, their conception, and how they fit into this world. He goes into specific detail on balancing Superman for this fight, as well as the clever design of Tom & Jerry. He also notes that while MultiVersus is primarily focused on 2v2 battles, the 1v1 component isn't being overlooked or ignored. Even without co-op tools, characters can still work in a 1v1 setting.

We recently realized the brilliance of the MultiVersus 2v2 format after trying out the closed alpha for ourselves. We'll keep an eye out for more information on WB's mascot fighter as it comes in. For more interviews, gameplay clips, and guides, be sure to check out Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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