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Hitman 3 Version 3.110 patch notes bring ray tracing on PC

PC players with the capability to do so will be able to turn on ray tracing and adaptive supersampling in Hitman 3's latest update.


Hitman 3 was an excellent game throughout much of 2021’s gaming calendar and with its Year 2 content, IO Interactive has been promising that 2022 will also bring plenty of new fun features to the game. One of those features has finally been implemented in the game’s latest patch notes. With Hitman 3 Version 3.110, PC players can now access ray tracing and adaptive supersampling features in the game alongside a wealth of other new content and adjustments. We’ve got the full details on the patch notes here.

Hitman 3 Version 3.110 patch notes

Hitman 3's latest updated Year 2 Roadmap has tons of fun in store for players whether you can access ray tracing on PC or not.
Hitman 3's latest updated Year 2 Roadmap has tons of fun in store for players whether you can access ray tracing on PC or not.

IO Interactive dropped Hitman 3 Version 3.110 and its accompanying patch notes on May 24, 2022. One of the biggest headliners of this particular update is the implementation of ray tracing and adaptive supersampling options for PC players. Promised as part of the Hitman 3 Year 2 roadmap, this will allow players with the technology necessary to access ray tracing and various supersampling tech like Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0. Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) is not supported yet, but will be in a later patch. There’s more to this update than ray tracing for PC players, though. Check out the full notes below:

New Content

Long Live Easter

  • Unlock the Yellow Rabbit Suit by revisiting the Berlin Egg Hunt and completing the new ‘Duck Hunt’ challenge. Everything you need to complete this new challenge can be found on-site in Berlin. Good luck!

Five Quacks

  • Enter the Elusive Target Arcade and complete a newly-added challenge to unlock The Ducky Gun. This unique weapon cannot be reloaded, but will quack along with every shot you fire. 

Ray Tracing on PC

  • Realtime ray tracing arrives for our PC players with our 3.110 patch and will bring higher quality reflections and shadows to the World of Assassination. Through HITMAN 3, all locations in the World of Assassination will benefit from this new feature. Read more on our Player Support Hub for more details and the Requirements for Ray Tracing and Adaptive Supersampling.

Adaptive Supersampling

Patch 3.110 also adds support for Adaptive Supersampling, such as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 1.0.  We’re also working together with our friends at Intel to introduce their Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology to the game in a future patch. AMD’s FSR2 is expected to be supported in the same future patch.

New Additions

Player Profile Limit

  • We’ve increased the maximum Player Profile level from 5,000 to 7,500 and introduced new visual representations of the profiles to support this new level cap.
  • The currently achievable profile names are:
    • Malus Necessarium (01 – 2,500)
    • Ius Obscurus (2,501 – 5,000)
    • Mortifer Velocis (5,001 – 7,500) 

Mono Audio

  • We’ve added an option to enable Mono Audio in the Audio menu.

Instinct Kill Conditions

  • We’ve made some changes to how kill conditions are displayed in Instinct during gameplay. Currently, enabling Instinct when playing a Featured Contract will display the kill conditions (target name, suit, weapon). With this patch, the following improvements have been made:
    • Instinct kill conditions are now also displayed when playing Escalations, including Seven Deadly Sins content.
    • Default conditions (Any Disguise / Any Method) are always hidden from the Instinct kill conditions
  • There are a very limited number of instances where the Instinct kill conditions don’t match the mission objectives HUD, due to extremely specific setups in a handful of Escalations. In general though, this change will greatly improve the experience of playing Escalations and Featured Contracts. 

Subtitle Background

  • We’ve added an option to enable a background for the game’s subtitles and choose the opacity.

Master Difficulty

  • What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? We’ve tweaked the Master Difficulty for HITMAN 3, to add more cameras and enforces – to give you the ultimate challenge.
  • Dartmoor and The Carpathian Mountain are the only locations without added cameras.



Overall  Stability

  • We’ve improved stability across all platforms, especially on Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch.

Resize Crash

  • We’ve resolved an issue where some PC players could encounter a crash when resizing the active game window.

Disguise Reload

  • We’ve resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when players would attempt to change their disguise and reload their weapon (or pick up an item) at the exact same time. 

Striker A Pose

  • We’ve updated the challenge image for the Arcade – Track 2 challenge to reflect the weapon that players will earn by completing it.

Double Up

  • We’ve resolved an issue where the game could crash when players acquire a weapon from a smuggled briefcase, whilst already having that same item in their inventory. The issue would only occur when using unique items found within a map.

Trophy Troubles

  • We’ve resolved issues that would prevent players from unlocking these trophies/achievements: Icebreaker, Pure Poetry.


Inventory Limit

  • We’ve resolved an issue where some players would experience items missing from their inventory during the planning phase. After an investigation and help from our players, we were able to identify that the cause of this issue was due to an ‘item limit’ that we set back in 2015. The game was configured to display up to 200 inventory items. A few months back, we reached that item milestone and this change/fix will raise that cap to allow all items to be displayed.

Menu Mastery

  • We’ve resolved a visual issue with how Mastery tracks displayed unlockable items. Naming conventions will now be consistent across all tracks.

[Optional] Fix

  • We’ve resolved an issue where the planning page for Contracts Mode did not always show whether a complication was optional, or not. Now, the [optional] tag will be shown when appropriate. 

Zero Leaderboards

  • We’ve resolved an issue where some players would see a ‘Complete this mission to be listed on the leaderboard’ message after completing a mission. This was an error only evident when players scored 0 points during a mission. 
  • With this fix, existing players will need to earn more than 0 points to see their scores appear and any players earning a score on any leaderboard for the first time will see their score, regardless of how bad it is unlucky they were when playing. 

Color me intrigued

  • We’ve added colors to communicate better what complications are failed, and which are completed.

Shoulder Swapped

  • Our all-time favorite Shoulder Swap option has been moved to Gameplay -> General, to fit in with all the other gameplay related options.



  • We’re resolved an issue where Xbox One users were able to experience the true Silent Assassin experience, where Agent 47’s footsteps were completely silent. We’ve reverted this back to the intended experience, but it’ll still count as SA (Suitably Audible).

Loud Eliminate

  • We’ve resolved an issue where non-silenced pistols could not be heard when fired when using the ‘eliminate’ prompt behind a character.

Say THAT Again

  • We’ve resolved an issue where Diana’s dialogue was noticeably lower in volume during the beginning of some missions, notably the campaign missions in Hawke’s Bay and Mendoza.


Game Pass Deluxe

  • We’ve resolved an issue where some Game Pass subscribers could not download their Deluxe Edition content through IOI Account.


Odium Glass

  • We’ve resolved an issue where the sunglasses on the Odium Suit (Seven Deadly Sins: Envy) were floating and following 47 around the map, rather than protecting his eyes from the Hokkaido sun. Now, they’ll be worn as you’d expect.

Polar Properties

  • We’ve resolved an issue that caused the Polar Survival Suit to not function like a regular suit. For example, it was considered as trespassing in zones that should be safe, wasn’t being enforced correctly or was unable to perform certain actions. 

My Name is Jefe

  • We’ve tweaked a few things to make sure that the man known only as ‘Jeff’ is always present on maps for Contracts Mode creation and on created Contracts.

Elusive Target Arcade Intel

  • We’ve fixed the issue where intel found in any Elusive Target Arcade missions did not award players experience. They do now!

Elusive Target Arcade the first batch

  • Our first batch of Elusive Target Arcade had many complications on them. These have been removed to match the new version of less restricted Elusive Target Arcades.

Hitman 3 Location-Specific Changes


  • Unstuck - We’ve resolved an issue where 47 could get stuck in the floor, after hiding a body in a specific area of the penthouse.


  • Texture Ceiling - We’ve resolved an issue where the textures in the ceiling near the main entrance could flicker.
  • Not Amoosed - We’ve resolved an issue where the ‘I Find This Amoosing’ challenge did not unlock.


  • Rage Quit - We’ve made sure that all guards in Chonqging are fully briefed on which disguises are allowed into certain areas. In the past, 47 was being prevented from entering, despite wearing a suitable disguise.
  • All Seeing Eyes - We’ve resolved an issue where important dialogue during the ‘All Seeing Eyes’ Mission Story was sometimes not triggered or displayed in subtitles. 
  • Rainy Days - We’ve resolved an issue where outdoors sounds, namely rainfall, can be heard in the lower levels of the facility.


  • Jamen Dog  - We’ve resolved an issue where 47 was unable to enter certain areas when wearing a disguise that should have been allowed. His name number wasn’t on the list.
  • A meet W - We’ve resolved an issue where two specific characters in Mendoza had single-letter names when selected as targets in Contracts Mode.

Carpathian Mountains

  • Long Journey - We’ve resolved an issue that could cause players to fall off the train when trying to climb onto the roof in a specific spot.

World of Assassination Fixes

As well as changes to HITMAN 3, we’ve also listed various improvements or changes to HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 locations, when played in HITMAN 3.

Sapienza: Dirty Hands

  • We’ve fixed a typo the in ‘Getting Your Hands Dirty’ challenge description, where it was incorrectly stated that players must “Assassinate [target] during the meeting the on pier.”

Sapienza: Plant Man

  • We’ve resolved an issue where players could get stuck in an unplayable area by traversing over plant pots in the cemetery.

Isle of Scat1620: Missing Grey

  • We’ve resolved an issue where Lucas Grey was missing from the Isle of Sgail opening cutscene.

New York: Flamingo Feet

  • We’ve resolved an issue where one of the IT workers in the bank had lost their flamingo slippers. You’ll never guess where we found them.

Bangkok: Dancing Boats

  • We’ve resolved an issue where some of the boats in the harbour would start to ‘dance’ on PS5 after a short period of time. 

Hawke’s Bay: Alma Slow

  • We’ve resolved an issue that could cause Alma to permanently hang out near the coat racks if Orson is subdued upstairs.


Xbox Wireless Controller x Bluetooth

  • We’ve resolved an issue where Xbox Wireless Controllers, including Series S/X controllers, would not function properly via Bluetooth. With this fix, all Xbox Wireless Controllers should work either as wired, with Bluetooth or with a Wireless Adaptor on Epic, Steam and Windows PC (Microsoft).

Time to take control (PS5 DualSense Controller Support on PC)

  • We’ve added support for the rare PS5 DualSense controller to work with HITMAN 3 on PC wired trough USB. On Steam however – It will work both wired and wireless via Bluetooth.
  • Note, there are no Adaptive Triggers support when using the DualSense Controller on PC. 


Reset Issues

  • We’ve resolved an issue that could cause visual issues if players change graphics settings in-game, and then reset them to default.

Fibrewire Tweaks

  • We’ve improved the control you’ll have over NPCs when initiating a fibrewire takedown.

Support Icons

  • We’ve added a small icon to menu tiles where VR content is not supported, to make it easier to know at-a-glance what can be played in VR.

And that covers everything in Hitman 3 Version 3.110. The patch is out now on all platforms, so whether you’re checking out ray tracing on PC or chasing the Ducky Gun, we wish you happy hunting, Agents. Stay tuned for more Hitman 3 coverage here.

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