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How to get a pet - Lost Ark

Unlock your first pet in Lost Ark with the Learning About Pets and Better Together quests.


Pets are a valuable asset in Lost Ark. These little helpful creatures will tag along with you on adventures, collecting any loot you might miss. For those willing to spend some money, you can even improve the effectiveness of your pets. Before all that though, you’ll need to get a pet, which can be done by completing the Learning About Pets quest.

Unlock a pet – Learning About Pets quest

When you first start Lost Ark, you will be introduced to an overwhelming amount of information, but the most important one to remember is the Welcome Challenges tab. This thing will guide you through the basics of the game, rewarding you for completing tasks, and granting you access to important items, like a pet!

lost ark welcome challenge basic guide learning about pets
The Basic Guide challenge #13 directs players to complete the quest, Learning About Pets, which unlocks a pet!

The thirteenth task you are given is called Learning About Pets. This questline also includes the Better Together quest, and when you complete all of it, you’ll walk away with your first pet – a little bunny. Depending on when you start, you might also receive a chest containing a Mokokon pet as part of the western launch celebration.

Work your way through the 12 challenges before Learning About Pets to unlock the quest. Once you reach Challenge 13, you must find and accept the quest in the Quest Journal [J] under Guide. This quest can be completed in Prideholme, Luterra Castle, and Vern Castle. Here are the steps:

  1. Speak with Blueberry
  2. Open the jar filled with rice and grains beside her
  3. Pick up the scattered rice and speak with Blueberry
  4. Speak with Redberry
  5. Speak with Working Achatemeow
  6. Accept the reward
  7. Open your Inventory, right-click the pet to register it
  8. Press Alt+P to open the Pet Inventory
  9. Click Summon to summon your new pet
  10. Speak with Working Achatemeow again
  11. Return to Blueberry
  12. Open the jar beside Blueberry
  13. Talk with Blueberry again
  14. Talk to Working Achatemeow
  15. Complete the quest
lost ark get pet
A White Rabbit will be your first pet in Lost Ark.

After all of this back and forth you will be the proud owner of a white rabbit pet. Be sure to also open the Welcome Challenge tab and claim the reward to make yourself 1,000 silver richer. Your pet will now auto-loot items for you and give you some bonus effects. You can even tweak what items the pet auto-loots to ignore items of lower value.

lost ark pet function crystalline aura
The Crystalline Aura will activate Pet Function, which are several pet features that aid you.

As mentioned above, you can improve the effectiveness of your pet by activating the Crystalline Aura. This is a subscription service in Lost Ark that gives a host of benefits, including increased Pet Function. Pet Function grants your pet the following bonuses:

  • Pet Inventory
  • Remote Storage
  • Market and Auction House usage
  • Remote Mail
  • Remote Repair for gear and tools, and
  • Gem functionality

Unlocking your first pet in Lost Ark will take a little bit of work. The pet is a reward for the 13th Welcome Challenge which directs you to complete the Learning About Pets and Better Together quests. Remember to rename your pet and even swap to a new one with different effects as needed! For more help navigating this game, check out the Shacknews Lost Ark page.

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