Path of Exile controller support makes it Steam Deck compatible

Path of Exile's next expansion will finalize controller support on PC and that means it'll be fully compatible with Valve's handheld.


The team at Grinding Gear Games continues to work diligently on all things Path of Exile. Beyond working on the game's expansions, its mobile version, and its eventual sequel, the developers are still looking to give its fans new ways to play. During Thursday's reveal stream, studio co-founder Chris Wilson noted that the PC version of Path of Exile will receive official controller support. With that feature being added, the game will now be fully compatible with Valve's Steam Deck.

Path of Exile Steam Deck
Path of Exile's UI on PC is being updated to reflect controller support

"We've been experimenting with support for game controllers on the PC version of Path of Exile," Wilson said during Thursday's Path of Exile stream. "During the Archnemesis league, we began a beta for controller support and have been making improvements based on your suggestions and feedback. We're pleased to announce that controller support on PC will officially launch alongside the Sentinel expansion. This also means that Path of Exile is now fully playable on the Steam Deck for those of you who are lucky enough to have one so far!"

To this point, anybody who has wanted to play Path of Exile with a controller had only two choices. They could play on Xbox or they could play on PlayStation. While the game has technically been playable on Steam Deck (as observed by r/pathofexile), it has had a few functionality issues. Next week's Sentinel expansion should fix that up and make a handheld Path of Exile experience possible.

Steam Deck compatibility and controller support are just a few of the items addressed during Thursday's reveal of Path of Exile: Sentinel. The game's next big expansion promises a massive new league, new additions to the endgame, quality of life improvements, character balancing zero character balances, and more. Check out our continuing coverage of Path of Exile here on Shacknews and we'll be back with any further updates.

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